Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Ever Corn Dogs-gluten free

Ok so I haven't browsed through the recipes on in a while but a little over a week ago Jon was looking through & he found CORN DOGS!!! I was soo excited. I am a big corn dog fan. When I was pregnant with Keegan I craved WeinerSchnitzel all the time. I have definitely been missing corn dogs.

So I told him we had to try them right away. It was excellent!! Here's the recipe & pictures below


Prep Time:  10 min
Total Time:  30 min
Makes:  10 servings (2 corn dogs each)

Oil for deep frying 
1/2 cup gluten free cornmeal
1/2 cup Bisquick® Gluten Free mix
2 teaspoons sugar
2/3 cup milk (you can use soy, almond, etc)
1  egg, beaten
1 package (16oz) gluten free hot dogs
Sticks, if desired

1.   In deep fat fryer or heavy saucepan, heat 3 inches oil to 375 F
2.   In medium bowl, mix cornmeal, Bisquick mix & sugar. Beat in egg and milk with whisk. Batter will be consistency of thick pancake batter. If needed, add extra Bisquick mix to thicken. Place hot dogs onto sticks, or cut into bite-size pieces. Roll hot dogs in batter until covered.
3.   Fry in hot oil 3 to 5 minutes or until golden brown. You may need to flip them once. Drain on paper towel-lined plate. This recipe makes enough batter for 1 package hot dogs.

Keegan was hungry & I was craving fruit so I made a small fruit salad. While I was working on that Jon started the corn dogs. We use Nathan's brand hot dogs because they say Gluten Free right on the package

 He mixed the batter all up & we decided to cut our hot dogs in half to make smaller ones.

We couldn't find good sticks for the corn dogs so we ended up using wooden skewers. We just cut them in half for our half corn dogs
 Jon started frying them up!
 While he was on fry duty I got all the rest of the hot dogs & skewers cut in half & ready to go.

Since it was SuperBowl Sunday we decided we needed some french fries to go with our corn dogs. 

We had batter left over & we had read one of the reviews where someone said they made cheesesticks with the extra batter. I LOVE cheesesticks too so when we were buying stuff at the store we bought a package of string cheese. I cut a few sticks in half & Jon rolled them up in batter & dropped them in the fryer.
We had just enough cheesesticks for the 2 of us to share & they were very yummy as well.

Keegan gave his vote as well and these are definitely a keeper!!

Since there's just the 2 & 1/2 of us we had a lot of leftovers. I had some for lunch one day last week. My friend that was helping watch Keegan one day gave them a try & the little man almost finished off the rest throughout the week.

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