Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introducing....PIGLET!!! I mean Kaden haha

I know I'm a few months behind but you other moms out there should know how it is, especially with a 2yr old as well. But here he is ladies & gents! Isn't he just so cute? These pictures were taken when he was just a little over 2 weeks old. He was just starting to smile at us.

Yes he has dimples just like Keegan & so far the eyes are still blue. The big surprise is that he actually has hair AND it's red! I guess it shouldn't be that big of a surprise since I've got red hair & a bajillion relatives with red hair as well but since Keegan's is a dirty blond (with red highlights) it's a bit of a surprise.

It's actually a bit scary too though because my mother has this theory that every family has to have 1 child that is a bit of a trouble maker. Considering all the trouble that I went through this pregnancy my mother said that he was going to be my redheaded trouble maker. She said Keegan is just too good to be the trouble one so Kaden would have to be the one.

The day of my surgery I woke up at 4am for a bathroom run & couldn't go back to sleep. I kept wondering what he would look like. Would he look like Keegan? Would he have hair? What color would it be etc. As I lay there on the operating table waiting to hear the wail Keegan greeted us with all the questions ran through my mind. The doctor said there he is but I didn't hear anything. I was worried for a second until I heard this little tiny cry. Oh wow! Soo different from Keegan. Just this little "wahh....wahh...wahh.." the cutest little sound ever & now I even know the facial expression that goes with that little sound.

The other thing I heard was that he had red hair. I'm thinking oh no, maybe Mom was right. She's just going to die laughing thinking it's the funniest thing. The first thing Jon said to me after going to check out our 2nd little miracle was "He looks just like you" and when I asked if he had red hair he said it sure looked like it. A few hours later when I was in my room & my Mom was holding him I told her, " were right, he has red hair" and before I could say any more she said, "Yes, but I don't think he's going to be a trouble maker" and granted Keegan is in his terrible twos, we all think Kaden's going to be the easy one. He's so chill all the time. Even when he's mad he doesn't make near the noise & screams of rage that Keegan did haha.

Aside from the obvious personality difference & the fact that he has hair there are a few other differences between the boys. Keegan was so beautiful, like a porcelain doll. Perfect white skin, rosey cheeks & a small little rosebud mouth. Kaden is so cute but not like a doll. He has kind of a reddish brown skin tone. But they both have so much of my facial expressions it's amazing.

The other major difference between them is that Kaden actually nurses, where Keegan just flat out refused. It was a pretty big adjustment for me & at first I still stuck to pumping & bottle feeding more. Then Jon went back to work & finding the opportunities to keep up with the pumping became hard & eventually I went from pumping & bottle feeding mainly to nursing mainly. I still pump maybe 3-4 times a day but that's about it. He's 11 weeks old now & granted I had been back to work for 3 weeks already after Keegan was born but it kind of seems like Kaden & I do really have a closer bond. It's kind of funny but Jon & I were doing a little test last night. We had him on the changing table & we were both looking at him. He was smiling at me & laughing & even though Jon was talking to him he wouldn't take his eyes off of me. I backed up so he couldn't see me & then he looked at Jon & was doing the same to him. After a minute I walked back up alongside him & BAM his lasers locked onto me haha. I've got the boobs so I'm his favorite person.

For everyone that doesn't know, his nickname is Piglet & I gave it to him when he was just a few days old. I think it was our 1st or 2nd night home from the hospital & he was awake every 2-3hrs demanding food. I could tell then he was going to be an eater. Keegan never ate (and still doesn't, yeesh don't get me started on that kid) like that, so enthusiastically like little Piglet does :p

Since the announcement pictures at the top of the post are so old I'll share the most recent photo I have of him. Even though it's Christmas themed, I just took it this week. Our favorite photographer, Kristen Carter, didn't come visit California this year for Christmas (she moved to Arizona after Keegan's first Christmas) so in the mad rush after Kaden was born we just did the JCPenney's thing. Later I realized that we didn't have the awesome pictures of Kaden under the Christmas tree like we have for Keegan. So I decided to take some myself (yes, our tree is still up & decorated haha mostly for this very reason).

I would have had even better pictures but the battery was dead in the good camera so by time this one took the pictures the smiles & laughs were gone thanks to the funny light from the flash freaking him out haha.

Enjoy & stay tuned. Lots more coming up!

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