Thursday, January 26, 2012

Step 1 to having a good, healthy year

A few weeks ago when I was talking to someone I realized that for the last 2yrs I have spent the majority of the year in a wheelchair or stuck on the couch etc. I broke my right leg March 15, 2010 and it was almost November before I was driving again and able to walk much. I was back up on my feet and doing great until about 8 wks into my 2nd pregnancy when I started having heart problems. I was put off work at the end of March 2011 (hmm maybe there's something about March haha). I was stuck in the recliner most of the pregnancy and back in my wheelchair when we went out places.

I'm dead set that this is going to be my good year. I'm going to get all my problems fixed and sorted out and be healthier than I've ever been before. I've already lost 50lbs since I went gluten free back in November 2010 and I can tell I've been a lot healthier and felt so much better.

To get to have my great healthy year there's a few things that I have to get fixed and sorted out first. Step 1 is already in play. I just had surgery on my leg Tuesday to take the metal out from my severe break in March 2010. The metal was very close to the surface and anytime I just barely bumped my ankle against something it hurt so bad. I also had a lot of aches and pains and the doctor and physical therapist said that often after the metal is taken out people have less pain. Well I have 1 extremely active little toddler at home and a 3 month old now so I need to be back on my feet and able to keep up with these boys.

I'm a little sad right now though because I have been a lot more active the last few weeks. I've got Dance Dance Revolution 2 and Just Dance 3 and I've tried to spend at least 30 minutes every day dancing to one or the other. After being stuck sitting so long it's really nice to be able to do something fun like that on my feet. But of course since I just had surgery I'm stuck back in the recliner and my wheelchair.

I cannot believe how much this actually hurts too. I was under the impression that this surgery wouldn't be so bad but maybe because I am a redhead and more sensitive to pain it's been worse for me. Once all the drugs wore out of my system from surgery that day I was thrashing around sobbing from the pain. The medication that they sent me home from the hospital with just hasn't really been cutting it. I also was unable to keep any food down without any anti-nausea medication but we've been in contact with my doctor's office just about every day. In fact just got off the phone with them now and got the bad news that I don't get to shower today like I thought, I have to wait until tomorrow. Ugh this is just not working well for me haha.

At least tomorrow I get a shower and even though my worthless doctor (he's supposed to be the best surgeon for this kind of problem but he's incredibly arrogant, doesn't communicate well and is always late including not showing up to the hospital until 15min after my surgery was supposed to start) is out this week his P.A. is supposed to be in tomorrow and hopefully going to get me some better pain pills.

So this is my first step. Next step is to get my heart sorted out. I go see my new heart specialist again in a few weeks to let him know if I've decided to have this heart procedure or not. Structurally my heart is fine but there's something crazy on the electrical side of things. They believe I was born with an extra electrical pathway in my heart and it took certain circumstances to switch it on. The procedure I will likely have will require them inserting catheters in my heart and mapping the electrical current. As long as they can find the spot that is causing the trouble they will burn that spot out so hopefully I will be fine after that.

After spending most days out of the week with either a very elevated heart rate when I'm not doing anything but sitting here or a very slow heart rate which includes a lot of premature beats (sensation of skipped beats) I'm just tired of it. I've gone into an extremely fast and irregular form of tachycardia several times now. The last time was right before Christmas and I had just picked up another event monitor so I had it recorded this time. The funny thing is that after 45 minutes of being in SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) I managed to get a recording right as it ended and it was a series of the premature beats that knocked me back into a normal rhythm.

So even with all this I am staying positive. I am very excited to see what this year has in store for me. Even with all the bad the last few years there has been good as well so I'm hoping for just more good this year. At least I'm getting to live my childhood dream right now of being a stay at home mom from all of this. It may not last but I'm soaking it up while I can.

I've never really been one to make New Year Resolutions but I guess this is kind of my New Year's Resolution. Any of you make any Resolutions this year? Have you broken them yet? haha

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