Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Continuum of Bad Weeks

The last 3 weeks have been one crazy adventure after another. Granted the 1st week is something I wanted & planned for, (having surgery to get the metal removed from my leg) it's been chaos since then.

Last week was just a mess what with my Dad falling & breaking the vertebrae in his back. The funny thing is that time is flying by so fast that I had to sit here & think, was it really just last week? I'm still having a hard time believing that it was just last week.

Oi! Time flies when you're having fun or are in the middle of chaos. Did I mention before that Life is Chaos? Maybe not your life, but I can sure tell you mine is. The sad part is that I no longer work & I rarely leave the house during the week but it seems like I'm always busy & always dealing with one crisis or another.

So the badness for this week? Everything was great until Tuesday morning. I was all happy that I got back to sleep by 7am after Piglet's 6ish feeding. Even more happy that it was 9am before Keegan came & woke me up. He raided the fridge for his milk (I try to make sure there's a glass of milk in the fridge ready for him first thing in the morning) already & climbed in bed. He was content to let me continue to snooze until his milk was gone. At that point I was off to the kitchen to warm up his "Mickey Mouse Pupcake" (my mom has a pancake maker that shapes them like Mickey & she sent the extras home for him on Sunday). I had my bread in the toaster oven, had just finished cutting up his pupcake & was putting some more milk in his cup when it happened.

He suddenly erupted. Not just once either. He erupted the first time with this miserable look of "what the heck is wrong with me?" & backed up where he erupted again. He continued to do this 3 times until he was about to step onto the mat, instead of staying on the linoleum. I got him to run over by the trash can but he erupted once again before he got there & then again into the trash can. Not only did I not really have an appetite anymore, I no longer had time to eat.

The scary thing is that after all that he still wanted his pupcake lol. I stripped him down to his diaper in the kitchen & got him settled in his chair in my room. While he picked at his pupcake & watched cartoons I went to cleaning up the kitchen. Bad thing is that not only had my toast gone off but Piglet was now awake & thinking he needed to be fed. By time the kitchen was all cleaned up Keegan was yelling at me that "Kaden's cying!" as if I couldn't hear him.

By time I fed Piglet, took my shower, got Keegan in the bath etc it was just about lunch time. My bread that was for toast suddenly became my somewhat stale bread that was for lunch.

Thankfully "I" had no more major incidents "I" had to deal with for the day. He got the runs later but luckily he made it to the toilet in time for those. Unfortunately it was Jon that got the next dose of major incident. Really up close major incident. It was almost bed time too.

Jon stood him up on the changing table & he said Keegan gave him this funny look & just puked all over him, over & over & over. So while I got Keegan into the bath again he proceeded to clean up the mess. By the end of the night our room smelt horrible! Even with all the cleaning it smelled like puke & then little Pig was ripping some seriously, seriously rotten farts.

I kind of laughed at the insanity of it all. The funny thing is that I had seen the picture on FB of the Dad with the kid on his shoulders & pee all down the back of his shirt & it was talking about the 4 P's of Parenting: Pee, Poop & Puke. I can't remember if Proud was the 4th or if there was another but it said that through it all though we're Proud. One of my favorite blogs Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures posted a new one that I had read in between the puking incidents that informed me that though I did not know it, I am a Rock Star! 

I thought maybe he was better yesterday & all went well until about dinner time. I was at my Mom's & he had been napping. Thankfully my Mom had finished eating already because I had just started to eat. My step-grandpa thought he heard noise so he went to check on Keegan & discovered a diarrhea disaster. Keegan was awake but afraid to come out of the room. He called my Mom in & she took care of it & got him in the bath.

Unfortunately it wasn't more than an hour later & he came crying down the hall cause he'd puked on himself again. At that point I knew it was time to go home so as he got changed into new clothes again (it wasn't bath worthy this time) I started to pack everything up. Thankfully he didn't puke in the car but right after we got home he sat down in his chair & started to puke all over. I started his bath while his Daddy got him undressed & while I gave him a bath, Daddy did clean up again. The worst part is that it didn't quite end there. He suddenly exploded out of the other end about an hour later but thankfully the diaper contained it.

Unfortunately last night was horrible as well & this morning started out rough. Jon ended up staying home today because we got very little sleep. We were planning to just give him applesauce, crackers & water today but right after his applesauce this morning we knew that wasn't going to work. After talking to the doctor's office we have some anti-nausea medicine for him & he's just getting pedialyte, water & crackers at least until later tonight. We might try something a little more solid tonight but we'll see.

I really hope that tomorrow he's doing better. As a parent there's nothing worse than when your child is sick or injured. Keegan is such a little trooper though, I hate to say it but he reminds me of my brother. He may be sick & puking but as soon as he's done he's running & jumping around the house again. That first morning that he threw up I wasn't quite sure what was wrong with him. He didn't have a fever then & he acted perfectly fine after that. I didn't finally catch a fever on him until about nap time.

I am still determined to believe that this is going to be a good year even though almost every week so far has had something bad in it. At least I'm still mostly on my feet & functional. My heart hasn't even been giving me too much trouble this last week which is good because my foot is bad enough. The bad news is that today I don't feel so great myself so hopefully getting sick myself is not one more rotten thing to add haha.

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