Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nap times, please don't leave

Keegan is almost a little over 4 months away from turning 3 and I'm starting to worry that nap times will soon be a thing of the past. He definitely still needs to take a nap every day because on the days that he skips one he's usually pretty unbearable by 6 to 7pm.

But really, what do you do when you can't get your kid to stay in their bed & take a nap?

I actually thought a miracle was happening today because when I went to get him ready for his nap I took Piglet down the hall & put him in his crib to make sure he didn't do something crazy & try to roll off the couch again. By time I had Keegan all settled in his bed Piglet had rolled over & gone to sleep. I thought wow! A day where they are both in their beds for nap time!

This is such a miracle because Piglet's usually so hard to get to go to sleep. He hates his bippy (pacifier) & even though we bought a new one to try, thinking he might like it better he still just spits them out. Apparently there is no better pacifier than Momma.

My grandma watched them last week for a few hours while I did some shopping & she says he is such a spoiled rotten little baby & that I need to stop giving him so much boob & give him more bottles. I actually thought this was hilarious because before I adjusted & really got comfortable nursing him (Keegan refused so I pumped & bottle fed him) my Mom kept pestering me off & on about if I was nursing him etc since he actually wanted to nurse. Now that he's almost exclusively feeding off Momma, he's starting to drive everyone else crazy haha.

At least now they see what I usually go through every day. He's not happy unless he's in my lap, sitting up or on a boob. The fact that he's asleep in his crib is major progress. I really am trying to break him of being with me 24/7 (he does sleep all night in his bed thankfully) because trust me I have things I want to do & holding him all day does not go well with my plans.

So for once he's being the good one, actually taking a good nap, during the designated nap time. How ironic is it that I seem to be getting good nap time for Piglet & his brother is starting to try to skip his naps completely now?

Last week there was at least one day where Keegan didn't nap. He kept coming down the hall with this problem or that problem. I finally gave up when I started busting up laughing as he slowly hopping down the hall like a frog & said "ribbit, ribbit" with each hop.

This kid thinks he has to sleep with every toy that he owns. The other night his Daddy went to tuck him in for bed time & the shoe box with his old shoes & a ton of wooden blocks were under his blankets with him. His Daddy said "You are just like your mother! You are such a pack rat". Ok...maybe I used to be a crazy pack rat (I am not really anymore because I have no space to pack my stuff haha) but I NEVER slept with so much crap. I had a few stuffed animals maybe, but that's it.

When Keegan can't find one of his normal bed buddies he comes whining about it. Just about 30min ago he was out here telling me he couldn't find his little phone. Then I go find it for him & have to read him a story (under the stipulation that he went to sleep after). Not more than 5min after I get back out here he comes out with another book telling me "I don't know this book". Now I just heard the bells we tied on his door again. Which means I get to go repeat myself for the bajillionth time for him to take a nap.

This is really not jiving with my need to try & be more productive at home!

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