Friday, March 30, 2012

So you want to Win stuff

I am entering giveaways all the time. Some weeks I enter more than others but I average probably 100 giveaways a week that I enter & I think since I started in December that I've actually averaged a win per week. I've kind of lost track now of what I've won. Unfortunately I'm usually not wining the stuff I really, really want but I've won a few small gift cards, digital scrap booking software, some coupon inserts, quite a few books & even won a $50 gift code to H&R block which I ended up passing on because we weren't going to use it.

So now the scoop on giveaways is to subscribe by email to a few different blogs. I signed up with a different email other than my main personal email so I wouldn't miss anything really important. I have that email set up to go to my phone as well since that's the email address I list when I enter giveaways. When I'm at home I usually have an instant messenger program running as well & every time I get an email I get a notification through it. That way I can try to keep on top of everything. If you do start entering giveaways though make sure you keep an eye on your spam folders because sometimes you could end up with a winning email in your spam filters. With most giveaways you have 24-48hrs to respond to their emails or they pick another winner. So make sure you keep that in mind.

Ok so...the easiest giveaways (I think) use the Rafflecopter form. I log in with my Facebook account & go through & fill out all the entries that I want to do. Remember if you click Enter that you did an item on the Rafflecopter you better make sure you actually did it or you get disqualified. That means you could be the winner but if you say you did an entry & didn't you don't get your prize.

If you are using your Facebook account make sure you keep an eye on the email account associated with it as well because some Rafflecopter forms don't ask what email you want to be contacted at if you win. They just use your Facebook email. I didn't realize that until one day when I found that I had won something in my spam folder.

There are usually entries you can earn by Liking FB pages, following on Twitter, or using Google Friend Connect (GFC), subscribing to the email, following on Linky Followers or Pinterest. If you do Like the pages on FB remember that they will start to appear in your Newsfeed. If you'd like to keep them separated from your normal Feed so that you don't miss the things your friends are up to you can go to this page here for a nice tutorial on how to set it up by Saving With a Working Mom

I think that just about covers the basics. Keep in mind that of course entering the giveaways takes time. If you have limited time you can always pick & choose what you want to enter. I used to enter everything I came across but now I usually just enter for cash or gift card prizes or electronic books. Some sites send out lists of "Low Entry Giveaways" which would be a list of different giveaways on different sites that don't have a lot of people that have entered. I've won a lot doing Low Entry Giveaways or participating in Giveaway Hops (usually a 100 or so blogs involved, there's a grand prize & then each blog does it's own giveaway on top of that & their links are listed on each blog so you can easily go from one blog to the next & enter to win what you want).

If I think of anything else I'm missing I'll be sure to add it or if anyone else finds something I need to add feel free to comment below & I'll add it on.

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