Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Evolution of Nicknames

Yesterday I started thinking about nicknames & how both of my kids have started out with one nickname & how it's changed & morphed over time.

When Keegan was born I started calling him "Punky". Jon had made a joke about me having a c-section in that I was going to be carved like a pumpkin. I also thought at times that Keegan was being a rotten little punk baby so "Punky" was kind of a mix of the two. I'm really not sure anymore how long it lasted but I think it may have only been a few months.

Then he became Keegy to me. My Mom had already been calling him Keegy & had said she was going to call him that before he was even born. I really didn't like it then but it grew on me apparently.

We don't normally call him much else except Keegan or Keegy but there are a few other names he gets called at times. When he's being a terror sometimes he's "Chucky", "Chucky-Momo" (adapted from Phineas & Ferb's Ducky Momo), "Terrorist", "Spaz", "Gremlin". I think that covers most of the regulars lol.

After our 1st night home from the hospital with "Piglet" that became his nickname for very good reason. I didn't tend to call him by his name much unless he was in trouble (you know the whole 1st & middle name, you're in trouble now thing). "Piggy" is a  normal adaptation of "Piglet" and my Mom likes to call him "Piggly".

But then there's the other branch of nicknames that came from my husband. I'm really not sure why but he started calling him "Pug" It might have something to do with him being so stocky & having a little bit of chubby rolls. Then there's the combo of both nicknames, "Puglet", and then he added another one, "Pugzilla". I find myself calling him some of these names now too or another adaptation, "Little Zilla"

Yesterday it was so cute. As I was getting Keegan ready to head off to "play group" he went over & looked into Kaden's bed & started chanting "Pug-a-zilla! Pug-a-zilla!" hahaha. I'm not sure if Kaden was actually awake already or not but by time I got over there he was laying there grinning up at his brother.

I think Keegan is pretty much stuck on Keegan or Keegy now but I think it will be interesting to see what name Kaden ends up with.

Anyone else have some interesting nicknames for their kids or even ones that stuck with them as they were growing up?

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