Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where is Keegan?

No I didn’t sell him to the circus though I bet if I did I could make a lot of money. That kid is hilarious & has soo much energy.

So where he really is at this awesome little Daycare/Preschool 3 days a week. He started going a few weeks ago Tues-Thurs from about 8:30-3:30

At first I wasn't too thrilled with the idea.

Ever since I realized that I probably wouldn't have a job to go back to after Piglet was born I had planned that once I was feeling better & getting around more that I'd arrange play dates with my other SAHM friends. I've just started to be up & around more & feeling better overall but it's still random when I have bad days. It's hard to plan things when you never know if you're going to be able to haul the kids to the car without almost falling over.

Between knowing that Keegan really needs interaction with other kids & all these various other things going on I figured it would be good for both him & myself. I get 3 days when I have some time to try to accomplish the things that I generally can never seem to get accomplished when I'm trying to take care of him & Piglet. On a normal day with both of them home it's like they are playing Ping Pong & I'm the ball. When I'm not tending to one, I'm tending to the other. Sometimes I get to throw in dishes & laundry on top of that but not much more.

I wasn't too sure how Keegan was going to take it though. He's never really been watched by someone he didn't really know. So I was trying to figure out the best way to explain it to him & then the answer hit me in the form of one of his favorite cartoons. He loves to watch Peppa Pig & for anyone who doesn't know it's set in the UK where apparently they call daycare/preschool "play group". So I told Keegan that he was going to go to "play group". He seemed to love the idea.

Well his first two weeks every single morning I had to call him back over & over to try & get his backpack off of him & get him to give me "love & kisses" & say goodbye. The first week every time I got there to pick him up he would either completely ignore me or one day he purposefully started dumping all the puzzle pieces out so that he couldn't leave until he put them all away haha.

The second week we actually started leaving shortly after I got there without any fuss. I think Ms. Becki is surprised because she said usually after the first day or so the kids tend to go through a crying/anxiety spell.

Well the crying/anxiety started on the 3rd week. We had a few mornings where he'd start crying or having a little fuss cause he didn't want me to leave or something. The 1st morning I think it really only happened because he had just gotten in trouble for taking one of the other kids toys.

He just had a week vacation & he went back yesterday with no problems. We had a little incident today because he ran off to play before giving me & Piglet "love & kisses". Luckily I hadn't left yet when he realized & got all upset. He's such a sensitive little soul. I'm not too surprised that he gets so upset if he doesn't get to say goodbye or feels like he didn't say goodbye enough. I actually remember going through some spells like that myself. I had this fear that something might happen & I wouldn't have gotten to say goodbye.

Anyone else have a child that gets upset if he doesn't get to say goodbye? Or doesn't get to give as much "love & kisses" goodbye that he wants to give? My husband has been outside the door locking it to leave & he'll be pounding on the door & crying "more love & kisses!"

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