Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Enjoying Life

I've spent about 5 days mostly away from the computer. I think the most I sat at the computer each day was possibly 3hrs. It was great getting to be outside & spend time with my family.

I'm paying for it now though. During my bit of time online each day I've tried to whittle away at my huge list of emails & I keep getting it down to 50 or so & then it grows some more. It's sitting at 101 right now & it's making me not even want to attempt to clear it down any haha.

I still haven't managed to finish getting my Mother's Day gifts done so I really need to get to work on that. I decided to try to take a nap today when Piglet was napping but I spent almost the whole time trying to go to sleep thinking about what I still needed to do haha. By time I was finally dozing off he woke up.

From all my time outside I also got myself a slight sunburn. Nothing major but when I smile or crinkle my nose etc I feel it on my face. You can also see the difference in the mirror around my neckline depending on what shirt I'm wearing. Being a redhead I basically just burn in the sun so I try to avoid a lot of time in it.

I also missed out on getting some entries in for some giveaways that I had saved in my list. I missed out on an Amazon one because I had overlooked it on my list & by time I really noticed it was over the day before. Oops. I also didn't get to finish filling out my entries for the Spring Fling book hop. I think I had about half or more done though so that's better than nothing but I really hate it when I don't finish on time. The book hops are some of my favorites. I usually win at least 1 book or something every hop.

Oh well, family is the most important thing & it was sooo nice to get to spend all that fun time with my guys. We took some pictures on some of the days so I'll try to get them & a run down on our family fun posted up before the week is over. I still have to pick my Wordless Wednesday pic for today so keep an eye out.

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