Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heart Surgery

Well I saw my specialist yesterday & we scheduled my surgery. From when we had talked last I was expecting to get another week or so but I at least wanted it to be after my birthday & it will be.

They're supposed to call me by next week to give me all the details of what time I have to be at the hospital, what time surgery is & all the testing that I have to have done before surgery. Unless something changes while I wait to hear from them, I'll be having surgery the 31st. Yes, as in May 31st, just 16 days from now! AGHH!!

As we were in the elevator leaving the doctor's office Jon told me to stop freaking out even though I wasn't really saying anything haha. I guess that's how he knew I was freaking out inside.

I want to have this done, I need to have this done. I'm tired of never knowing when my heart is going to flip out on me. It's not as bad as it was, especially when I was pregnant, but sometimes it's still hard to plan things because sometimes when I do my heart decides to throw it's opinion into the mix & then the plans have to change.

For everyone who has missed me talking about it in the past here's the run down on what is supposed to happen.

The doctor will insert catheters into the arteries in my legs & work his way up into my heart. From what he said yesterday he believes that the extra circuit is on the right side of my heart & not the left so I'm not sure if he's going to go into both legs & both sides of my heart at the same time or start with the right & only go to the left if they don't find the problem on the right.

So once they get the catheters inserted they'll do something (I'm not sure if they'll give me medication or what) to put my heart into the abnormal rhythm & then watch how the current flows. Hopefully they will find the extra circuit causing the problem & then they basically cauterize it.

It sounds like a relatively simple process but when they tried to do the same thing to my Sister-in-Law last year at a Kaiser hospital closer to the bay area they weren't able to find her extra circuit. So I worry that they won't be able to fix it but then also there are all the "risks" that they have to tell you about such as zapping the normal circuit so you spend your life on a pacemaker or the one I really just love where they accidentally punch through your heart with the catheter. Jeeez! As if the thought of them messing with my heart wasn't bad enough they have to give you all the worst case scenarios as well haha.

Right now I'm handling it the way I've learned to handle most of the stressful crap in my life, by laughing. If I can't laugh, I know I'll cry & there's a chance I might do both at the same time which is always fun & usually makes me laugh even more.

Obviously I'm also using my writing therapy (yes, you if you're reading this, you are therapy, but no, I'm not going to pay you, because even if you didn't read this, it's still therapy HA!).

Also now that the stress of the Mother's Day deadline is over I'm getting all excited & coming with all sorts of ideas for jewelry stuff to make. I need to get to working on my gun pieces that I plan on trying but then I'm super excited to find myself a pasta roller, buy some clay & get to working on some other ideas.

I'm not too sure how long it will be until I'm back to how I feel right now. But I know that best case scenario I'm looking at an overnight stay (oh freaking yay ugh) in the hospital and hopefully mostly back to normal by the next Monday (surgery is on Thursday). So I figure that I've got to make the most of the next two weeks that I can. I'm going to be busting out the mold making stuff today or tomorrow. I feel like I have sooo much I need to do haha. At least my house is mostly clean already, I like to tackle the hard work early. So now, it's almost lunch time so I better get back to it!

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