Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Busy Weekend Flows into the Week

I know that it's Tuesday & generally I write a post once a day Tuesday through Thursday but unless something crazy happens it looks like aside from my Wordless Wednesday post for tomorrow I'll be pretty quiet. In fact I may be fairly quiet for the next few weeks.

My brother moved to Connecticut for school a few years ago & has been out visiting for the past month. His girlfriend, Cindy, flew out a few weeks ago as well & has been sight seeing all over California. They leave this Friday to fly back so tonight they decided they wanted to take everyone out to dinner.

Cindy actually works with a lady that has Celiac Disease and she has been talking to me quite a bit about gluten free food. Cindy said that she's never had a good gluten free cake. So I said before they left I had to fix her my special Devil's Food Cake. So this Thursday we're having dinner over at my Mom's housse. My Mom said the only problem with having both Cindy & I for dinner is figuring out something we can both eat. Obviously I'm gluten free but Cindy is a vegetarian. Jon came up with the perfect idea last night though. We are going to have eggplant lasagna & if my Mom feels like making two we'll put ham with the eggplant on one of them. This is soo good & we haven't had it in a long time.

I'll try to remember to take pictures of both the cake & the lasagna so I can share the recipes.

I'll be out of the house most of the day Thursday because I have to go pick up a business order & get any last minute groceries for the dinner that night.

Tomorrow I will be home all day but I have to mop & I've got to get busy making some jewelry. My Uncle goes shooting shotguns a lot & I asked them just on Thursday or Friday if he'd start saving his shotgun shells for me. I had a message on my answering machine Saturday night that they had a big bag full for me already haha. I went over to pick them up today & she wanted me to bring some of my stuff so she could see what I was doing. She wants me to make her a pair of earrings to give as a gift.

Jon's Guns might also have a little table at an event in a few weeks so I've got to get busy. I'm still trying to finish editing the last of the photos of the jewelry & options & get them on our FB page & then I'm supposed to be getting those & some other items up on our website. There's always so much to do & never enough time.

This weekend we weren't even home for anything other than to sleep and shower. We woke up early Saturday morning & decided instead of fixing breakfast to go out. After breakfast my Mom & grandma volunteered to watch the boys for a few hours while we ran to check out a local craft expo. We saw some pretty neat things, met a few new people including the founder of a new local ladies shooting club.

After we left there it was to pick up the boys, run home & grab clothes & food & head off to my in-laws house. They decided they were ready to try keeping Kaden over night as well as Keegan. The night went well & I think both the boys really enjoyed it. I know I sure did haha.

My Mom threw another little party for my brother & his friends that night & we ended up going back over there after we dropped the boys off & visited for a while. I had a lot of fun (I think Jon did too) and most definitely got drunk haha. I know what my limit on chocolate cake shots used to be but my Mom had these teeny tiny little shot glasses so I only had 3 to start with. After 30-45min with no buzz I went back for more because I needed to at least have a buzz for my 1st night of total kid freedom. By then my Mom (the bartender) was tipsy so it just got crazy after that. By time the night was over I think I had a total of 14 shots because once I hit the tipsy mark & the shots kept getting placed in my hand I thought, oh just one more haha. It was very fun though & several of my friends I was texting got some good laughs at my expense.

Thankfully I ended up with no hangover the next morning. We had to get up at 8am & load up to head to the range. We already had plans to take two of our friends shooting with us & at the party we invited my brother & his Cindy to go with us. She had never been shooting before & now she's hooked.

We shot for about 3hrs & then had lunch with our friends before we headed over to see the boys. A few hours later we had dinner with the in-laws & it was about 9pm before we got home Sunday, just in time for bed haha.

Yesterday I managed to get most of the cleaning & laundry done. I didn't mop though because we were planning to clean the little fish tank last night (which we did). I even made Keegan so happy by getting out one of his play-doh kits & playing with it for the first time. We both had fun but I think to save myself some paranoia & my hands I'll be wearing gloves next time (play-doh has gluten in it).

By time we had the tank completely cleaned & put back together, both boys washed & in bed it was after 9pm. I think I sat for maybe a combined total of 2hrs yesterday, mostly while I was eating haha.

It was a crazy weekend & it's looking like it'll be a crazy week as well. Hopefully it will continue to be a good crazy.

Hope you all have a great week! There were some hilarious quotes from Keegan last week that I might squeeze in some time for in the next few days but no promises!

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