Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get Fit Plan

Since I went Gluten Free at the beginning of November 2010 I've lost a grand total of 65lbs. I had lost 20lbs from November to February when I got pregnant & then I lost another 20lbs over the next two months. Eventually I finally started gaining weight during the pregnancy instead of losing it & I ended up at 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. Which still put me 15lbs under where I started in November.

I lost 30 or 35lbs by time Kaden was 1 month old & then it just kept dropping from there. Before I started gaining pregnancy weight & since he was born people have noticed a lot & keep asking me what I'm doing to lose weight. Unfortunately I've had no answer to help them lose weight. I have done nothing except just eat gluten free.

During my pregnancy I was eating so many chocolate bars & ice cream it was crazy, yet I still kept losing weight or then very slowly gaining. I haven't eaten near as much ice cream since Kaden was born but I've still got a chocolate problem haha. I usually end up eating 1 Hershey's bar a day.

I think I may have lost 10lbs since December but it's the inches that I notice the most. I fit into clothes that I haven't fit into in at least 5-7yrs. I don't think I've lost either inches or weight in the last 2-3 months though & in fact in the last month I've been fluctuating up & down about 5lbs. This has always been normal for me but I'm not really at the weight that I'd like to be at & my belly is still way too poochy for my liking. So this weekend I decided that I was going to do something about it.

I happened to see some picture on either pinterest or one of the sites I follow on FB about doing some different exercises to work on the tummy so while Kaden was on the floor playing this morning I gave it a whirl. It definitely gave my leg muscles a work out I can tell you.

Then after Kaden went for his nap I decided it was time to start dancing again. We bought Just Dance 3 shortly after Christmas after my niece got it. I thought it was pretty neat & looked like fun so I wanted to try it out. I've danced a bit off & on over the months but aside from a week or so here & there I have never danced every day.

I decided today that I'm going to try to do the 7 day challenges. I was afraid that since it's been so long since I danced I wouldn't be able to handle the tougher challenges so I started on the easiest one which is the equivalent of walking 30min a day. It measures you in "Sweat" and the daily goal is 500 with a 7 day total of 3500. I managed to reach the daily goal in 2 songs but I wasn't really tired yet & wanted to keep dancing. I finally stopped after 30min & my "sweat" was over 2000. I think once I finish this week I'm going to have to either move up to the middle challenge which is equivalent of running 30min or go straight to the highest challenge which is the equivalent of swimming 30min.

Either way at least it's a FUN way to try to get some exercise & you can do it indoors with the AC on if you want hehe. Hopefully I can find the time every day (even when Keegan's home & on the weekends when we're rarely home) to at least reach my daily goal no matter what it is.

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