Monday, August 13, 2012

A Sister

So about 2 weeks ago when I went to pick Keegan up from play group one of the lady's there told me that they were talking about the different pets that everyone had at home. Then Keegan popped off & said, "Mommy's going to get me a sister, but shhh we don't tell Daddy". She said, "Well I sure hope Daddy knows".

Haha this kid cracks me up. He really wanted Kaden to be a sister, so much so that even after we told him he was getting a brother & what should we name him his answer was always "Sister".

As if that wasn't funny enough 2 days later we're watching a cheesy Netflix cartoon movie called "Kiara The Brave". He kept asking who Kiara was & where Kiara was. I told him that Kiara was the little princess. I asked him if he liked that name & he said he did. I told him that I liked it too.

A few hours later I was fixing dinner when Jon came home. He sees Jon & the first words out of his mouth are, "Daddy I want a sister named Kiara". Hahaha.

The really funny thing is that there has been character in one of the shows that I watch named "Ciara" (same pronunciation) and the name has been growing on me. I had even looked it up to see what it meant (I'm big on the meaning of names).

Fast forward to this Saturday. It's that night after our show & we've already had dinner & the boys are getting their baths over at their grandparents house. I hear Grandma Click Click tell him, "You're lucky you have a brother, he'll be your best friend some soon." Then Keegan pops off with, "Yes but this time I want a sister". She laughed & asked him, "You want a sister huh? What do you want to name her?" His immediate response? "Kiara".

Apparently he is really determined to have a sister named Kiara lol.

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