Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

If you were paying attention last week in my only post other than the Wordless Wednesday post I said that we might have a table at an upcoming event. Well we do and it's not just 1 day anymore, it's 2 days. The first day is this Saturday so I've been working away trying to get earrings done, redesigning flyers etc.

I also got several orders for earrings last week & sold some that I already had made. Until yesterday my current stock was 14 earrings. Thankfully I had spent time over the last few weeks getting casings ready. I had a ton already drilled so it's made things go a lot faster. As of yesterday I had 26 pairs just waiting on wiring. I completed 3 pairs last night & hopefully will get a bunch more done today.

I figured I'd probably do like I did last time when I worked away for a week making earrings & kind of skip over some chores but I've spoiled myself with a clean house so I still swept, mopped & vacuumed this morning haha. I've left dishes for Jon to do later since he's off today. He ran a few errands this morning & took Keegan with him while I finished up cleaning & started wiring some earrings.

I'm supposed to be working on wiring right now but it's kind of crazy chaos right now (Keegan is chasing Midnight all around the front room & kitchen. I think she's actually enjoying it too). So I figured I would take a quick break to let everyone know in case you missed my FB post in the last few days.

I'm actually pretty amazed at how much I have gotten accomplished in the last few days. I ran into a few snags including my trip to Hobby Lobby. I went to buy this 4 panel fold out wire rack for displaying earrings & they were sold out. The manager told us they ordered 4 more but when I called Saturday to make sure they got them in before I ran up there again they hadn't gotten any. Apparently the warehouse was out of stock so they "might" have some this Friday. Since the event is Saturday I can't take the chance waiting on that so I went to my favorite shopping site Amazon. Amazon has everything so I figured they would have something like what I was looking for.

Of course I was right. The problem was deciding on which one to buy so I finally got this one.

 I also have some other upcoming projects & found out some info from a friend in that I would need a hot fix tool. Hobby Lobby said they didn't have it & Michael's had another brand that had bad reviews on Amazon so I just went ahead & ordered this at the same time.

So I'm very excited to get my goodies & put the earring display to work right away.

Now it's almost time to get these kids in bed for their naps so then it's back to work. Hope everyone has a great week. I will get a Wordless Wednesday post up in a few days but probably not much else. I am keep track of a bunch of the hilarious Keegan conversations that have been happening though so I'll have some funny things once things calm down a bit over here. 

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