Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Busy is Never Ending

I thought I was busy in the past but apparently I didn't really know what busy was. In the last few weeks I've been getting earring orders, had a vendor show & been experimenting with making new items.

I made my 1st Silicone Rubber Mold that turned out great so now I'm in the rose and skull & crossbones making business. I started making the roses with the intention to include them in my earring designs but now I've had some requests to just make them posts.

My completed molds

Some of my roses. I just took a dark green out this morning & poured a light blue.

One of my custom orders really required me to brainstorm on how I wanted to hang them. I had just been given some old jewelry & decided to take one of the necklaces apart to use the chain. They turned out beautifully & I immediately got a request for another pair.

One of the single earrings

The chain worked out so well that I decided that's what I had been looking for to redesign my wind chime earrings. Yet again it turned out so well that I got 2 more orders right after that.

My 1st pair of newly designed Wind Chimes

I've been planning to make posts eventually too once I figured out how to cut the head stamps off. Well my Dad volunteered to cut some for me so I made my 1st pair of posts too.

Then in the middle of all of this I decided to give another idea of mine a go. The prototype turned out great so now these are being added to my inventory.

Winchester 12 Gauge Shotgun center

Beautiful flower hair clip. I actually even painted this flower because it was too light to my liking.

All this is great except that now it looks like we'll be doing a pretty big event in a little over 2 weeks so I'm having to stop taking orders. I've got to finish up the orders I have & then get to work on boosting the inventory more. Since all I have are earrings I've got to get some flowers done & hopefully get a few bracelets & necklaces done as well. My Dad is supposed to get a bunch more head stamps cut for me so I can make more posts too. I just ordered a bunch of different colors last night.

So it's all busy & kind of stressful but very fun & exciting too. I did manage to do a full house cleaning on Monday before I found out we're probably doing this event in 2 weeks. It's good though cause these floors really needed it. If I can get the help I've been promised then hopefully I can still manage to get a lot done without neglecting the house too much. I did make dinner last night & I've got dinner planned for the next few nights too so that's good.

I'm just not sure how much attention the blog is going to get each week. I'll try to still keep up with posting at least once a week though.

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