Friday, August 24, 2012

Gluten Free Recommended For So Many Things

Did you know that more doctors are actually recommending that their patients go gluten free to treat various problems other than Celiac Disease? Now if you're like me & went to lots of doctors throughout your life to try to figure out why you were having different problems & could never get a real answer you would probably be very surprised by this little tidbit of information.

Thankfully times have changed & more & more research regarding Celiac Disease & eating Gluten Free is constantly taking place. Many studies have shown that people with other diseases or problems with similar symptoms to Celiac Disease often show improvement on a Gluten Free diet. Last I read from the various studies they weren't exactly sure "why", just that many people do.

So what are some of the other diseases & problems that being on a Gluten Free Diet can help?

    * ADHD
    * Autism
    * Celiac Disease
    * Crohn's/Colitis/IBS
    * Diabetes
    * Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
    * Rheumatoid Arthritis

I know so many people personally that have many of these problems. So many people out there could potentially benefit from a gluten free diet. So why don't they? Even people who suspect that gluten is the cause of some of their different issues are afraid to go gluten free. Some may go so far as doing what I'll call "flirting" with it. They eat gluten free some of the time but when it's inconvenient they eat whatever they want.

The reason being is that just the idea of going gluten free is scary. It's definitely a lot of work too but every day that goes by things get easier. I don't just mean for me, since I've been gluten free a few months shy of 2yrs, but for everyone. There are so many more gluten free foods, resources & restaurants offering gluten free foods.

It's really not that bad going gluten free. I LOVED my breads etc and I am a really picky eater but if I can do this, anyone can do this. For me the choice was simple, eat gluten free or suffer in constant pain & everything else that came with it. No brainer there. 

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