Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dentist Trip

Yesterday I had to go to the dentist. They actually called & busted me because I was supposed to go in for my check up in January. It's almost been 10yrs since my last cavity now. I've only had 3 total which is pretty awesome!

It was a pretty interesting trip all around. I'm not sure if it's all dentists offices or just mine but I LOVE how they always want to talk while you're having x-rays & they're cleaning your teeth etc. I had a new hygienist this time & she was really nice. We were talking about the kids & she has an 11 month old at home too.

She could not believe or figure out how it is that I do all the stuff that I do plus have 2 kids. I made sure & pointed out that Keegan's gone most of the day for 3 days a week but she still couldn't believe how I did it. She couldn't imagine trying to do all this with just her 1. I have days now & then where I feel like I'm super woman & then other days when it just feels like the whole day was a waste.

Trust me it's not easy. I pretty much never take time off, I'm always doing something. There are so many times a week when I hear Jon tell me to just stop, don't do anything & just relax but I just can't. I often feel stressed most of the time, my body hurts like crazy & I am always tired but it's worth it. I'm trying to be the best wife, mother, and business partner that I can be. Most weeks I manage a good cleaning of the house getting all the floors nice & clean so the kids can dirty them up almost instantly. I do dishes, laundry & clean up the kitchen daily. I take care of the kids, run errands, & do some of the shopping. I make half the business orders, handle most of the business stuff online, schedule events, make all the handmade stuff I sell & now I opened the Etsy shop so I'll have shipping orders etc to deal with too.

Somehow in all that mess I still try to make a weekly post here if possible. My creative brain just keeps turning. I have so many ideas of things to make & do & just never enough time. I had considered taking the whole month of October off from events but then got talked into accepting 2 at the beginning of the month. I'm really glad now that I didn't accept anymore that we got invited to be at because Kaden has been teething for quite a while & the last two weeks have been really bad. He almost never takes his afternoon nap, he didn't even sleep this morning for more than 45 minutes, and then thinks he needs to be in my lap the whole time instead of playing so my work time has been drastically cut. Plus he wakes up crying at least 3 times every night, sometimes 6 or 7 so what sleep I do get is terribly interrupted. I think it's worse than when he was a newborn & waking up to eat haha.

I guess it really is amazing when you think about it that way.

Anyway the other cool thing about the dentist trip was that I didn't think about giving her one of my cards until she was already gone so I asked the receptionist to give it to her. Her response was, "Ooo ooo what is this? I don't know what it is but it looks cool. Tell me what it is." I started to laugh and as I started answering she noticed my earrings. I think we ended up talking about guns & stuff for 5-10min til she got a phone call. So hopefully I'll be seeing her again haha.

Kaden appears to be finally napping again so it's time to get back to work. I hope everyone has a good day & week. I probably won't be back on here until next week sometime. We have an event Saturday so wish me luck!


  1. You talked about guns? That’s interesting. : ) Looks like you had a great time at the clinic. Building relationships with the people in the clinic makes going to the dentist enjoyable and fun, since it will be like hanging out with friends.

    - Darcy Losh

    1. Yes, I actually always enjoy my trips there. It's a great office. But yes, I tend to talk about guns, bullets, jewelry & my kids now wherever I go haha

  2. You remind me of myself, Emily. Whenever I go to places like a dental clinic, I tend to meet new people. It’s really nice because I get to share some of my thoughts and at the same time, learn something new from these people. The last time I went to a dentist, I talked to a mom who’s really having a problem of convincing her daughter to go to the clinic. Hehe!