Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pregnancy cravings

Since I haven't really been writing here I at least get to express myself briefly on Facebook. I can tell you probably most of my posts in the last several months have mentioned food, if not been completely about food. Some people may say, who cares what you're eating, do we really need to know that? Well right now, especially, food is one of the most important things to me LOL.

When I find, make, create some sort of new food combination/meal etc especially if it's normally a gluten food I feel compelled to share. I also find it interesting to compare the cravings between this pregnancy & the last.

I had almost no real cravings out of the ordinary with Keegan except a craving for bacon, which I never really cared that much for. I also recently realized that the majority of what I wanted & liked was salty stuff. Of course I would never turn down icecream but that's just genetic.

This pregnancy it seems that the majority of it has been about sweets. I mentioned in April that I started craving eggs & ate more eggs in the first month or two than in my entire life because I don't like eggs! About halfway through the egg craving I started craving oranges. I'd sit & eat several oranges in one sitting, with some help from Keegan of course.

Pretty soon I couldn't stand eggs anymore, when I would try to eat them I'd start gagging after a bit & just have to stop. At that point I felt the urge to eat fish. My entire life the only fish I could ever stand to eat was Long John's Silver's. We're talking deep fried, crunchy batter & greasy perfection. Of course that's gluten, gluten, gluten, not to mention the grease alone is enough to kill you. So I was pretty stumped on what to do. Here enters my lifesaver, the magnificent It's Gluten Free store & their Ian's Breaded Fishsticks. I was eating 24 fishsticks pretty much every week, if not more than that. Pretty soon I figured I might as well buy a case, which I believe was 12 boxes. Unfortunately I have most of those boxes unopened in my freezer because wouldn't you know it. Right after I got it, the craving went away. It became like with the eggs, when I tried to eat the fish sticks I would start to gag & feel sick. After trying to force myself to eat them, even in different ways I just couldn't do it anymore.

Enter the sandwich. 

I had been buying Udi's White Sandwich bread & generally just eating it as garlic bread because it was great toasted. Once the fish sticks were off my lunch menu I wasn't sure what I was going to eat so I decided to try a toasted sandwich. Pretty soon I was eating toasted ham, peppered salami & provolone cheese sandwiches all the time. I am now buying cases of bread & though there was some initial hesitation from my husband after what happened with the fish sticks I have always liked sandwiches lol. So I don't think he has to worry. Some weeks I'm going through a loaf & a half of bread like nothing so it's important I have another loaf sitting in the freezer waiting for me.

Nothing incredibly strange has popped up on the craving list since then. I have added a few more sandwiches to my menu, toasted bologna & cheese, toasted turkey & cheese, & toasted bbq'd chicken breast with peppered salami & provolone cheese. I have become quite the pro at making a wicked BBQ marinade & we cut the chicken breasts in half so they're thinner & make sure we have leftovers each time so I can make some sandwiches.

Besides sandwiches the things I eat the most now are chocolate, bananas & milk/icecream. I started craving lots of milk & milkshakes first & I had to put extra chocolate chips in the milkshakes. Then bananas suddenly popped up the day before I had my 1st leg cramp. Now I try to make sure I eat at least one banana every day to try & keep the leg cramps away. I've almost cramped up a few times but haven't officially had a leg cramp since that first day. My breakfast most mornings is now toast with nutella & banana slices on it with a big glass of cold milk. It satisfies all 3 cravings.
 Nutella & Banana Toast

I've also eaten more banana splits than ever before, in fact tonight makes the 3rd banana split from Baskin Robbins that I've had this week & last night I had a homemade one lol. I only ever eat them when I'm pregnant but I think I've already had more this pregnancy than I did when I was pregnant with Keegan.

 The amazing banana split

Being from an "okie" family it's kind of surprising that I've never been a really big "fried tater" fan but a month or so ago I found I couldn't get enough of them for dinner at my grandparents house. Thankfully my mother has a rather large garden out at their house & we're getting a steady supply of red potatoes from the garden. Unfortunately the last few weekends we've been pretty busy so we haven't been able to indulge for breakfast on fried taters & bacon but we managed to squeeze it in last Monday before my OB appointment. We even added toast with some homemade Plum Raspberry Jam that my Mom & Granny made.

One giant haul from the garden. My grandparents are picking the green beans off the plants

To indulge my chocolate & banana cravings I have actually made a few things over the last few months with some help. Unfortunately I don't think I have pictures of most of these things but I will try to get some recipes typed up at least to share with everyone. One of the things I made was from the site but the others have been gluten free adaptations to other recipes.

Stay tuned because they should be coming soon.

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