Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everyone should watch Dr. Oz tomorrow 1/19

I was at my Mom's this afternoon & I saw the preview for tomorrow's episode of Dr. Oz. They never really said what tomorrow's show was going to be about but there was enough of a clue that to someone like me that has first hand experience it was extremely obvious.

He said something about the hidden stuff in your food that could be making you sick & FAT. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is going to be on the show & there's a clip of her saying something like she had no idea. And then there was talk about a 2 week challenge.

Every single one of those things screams to me that tomorrow's episode is going to be about going gluten free & Celiac Disease. My symptoms were so severe that the 2 week challenge was all the proof I needed. There was such a difference just in 2 weeks.

Now that I've been gluten free for almost 15 months the difference is amazing. I no longer spend most of my day running back & forth to the bathroom. I no longer have to worry about going out somewhere for fear of there not being a bathroom I can get to quickly if I need to. Even with my heart giving me problems & a 2yr old & newborn to keep me busy I feel soo much better & have a lot more energy than I used to. The most obvious difference to most people though is that I've lost 50lbs since then (9 of those 15 months I was pregnant) & dropped 4 pant sizes.

Some people have asked what I'm doing? Dieting? Working out? What's my secret? There's no secret and there has definitely been no working out haha. All I did was cut gluten out of my diet & the pounds just started dropping off. This may not happen for every person of course, especially if they don't really have a problem with gluten like I did but it could.

It is a pretty restrictive diet in a way. You really have to watch what you eat and it generally means no fast food anymore & not a lot of eating out in general. Thankfully gluten free awareness is growing & more & more places are starting to offer gluten free items on their menu & at least make the effort to accommodate  people like me who just can't eat gluten but still want to go out to dinner every once in a while instead of making most of their own food. Being gluten free though does generally promote healthier eating habits overall because you have to use more whole foods & cut out a lot of processed stuff.

Junk food people fear not though. I still enjoy plenty of chips, candy and I've found some cookies that I can indulge on once in a while without having to make them myself (K-Toos a gluten free type oreo).

So my point is that even if you don't really watch Dr. Oz (I don't) you should watch tomorrow's episode. It could change your life.


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