Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thank You Jon

I figured that I better not leave my husband out of the "thank you"s and "rock star" status because he deserves a thank you every single day and he is a rock star too.

I forget what brought the subject up but I was just saying to my Mom that I think Jon is Keegan's favorite person. They have this strange love/hate relationship. Keegan is not as affectionate with anyone as much as he is with Jon, yet he gets in the biggest trouble from him. Almost every week day morning the first words out of Keegan's mouth is "where's daddy?"

My Mom said that well it makes sense that he's Keegan's favorite person because I was working when he was a baby & Jon practically raised him for his first year. This was partially true, Keegan was 9 months old when I broke my leg but Jon pretty much had to take care of both of us for a year. I couldn't do much to take care of Keegan, I couldn't even hold him for the first few weeks because it'd put too much pressure on my leg.

Not only did Jon have a baby to take care of but he had to help me get around, bring me things, push me around in my wheelchair, etc. I find it pretty draining some days to take care of the kids myself & I'm 15yrs younger than he is. The worst part is that not only was he taking care of both of us for most of 2010 but he spent a good portion of last year taking care of both of us too while I was pregnant.

I get frustrated & irritated at him at times when he doesn't do what I ask him to do, he falls asleep while we're finally trying to watch some of our tv shows, or loses his patience with the kids too soon. But really, he is amazing. He is a Rock Star too.

Most of the people in my life make some sort of contribution but I really think that I would be totally & completely lost without my Mom & my husband. They are the two most amazing people that I know. Like most people I probably don't always tell them or display these things to them like I should but here it is now. In writing. Not just for them to see if they happen to visit, but for the whole world to see, if the world visits too.

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  1. I am finally stopping by after your visit to my blog. Dont you know, that those are the 2 most loving people in or lives, my mom is gone but my husband will do anything I ask, and it works both ways as I take care of his needs as he is diabetic and had a stroke, so the loving spouse is always there. I guess that you have had your baby, and Im sure that makes things a little more tasking.

    Well, I am now following you now on, FB, GFC, here are my other social media, I hope you have an awesome week! Karren
    Oh My Heartsie