Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day. Today is a special day on the calendar set aside for romance, love & making sure that the special someone in your life knows just how much you appreciate them.

I love Valentine's Day because it's an excuse for us to take time out of our busy schedules & try to do something nice for one another. Unfortunately this year will be our first year unable to spend a lot of time alone doing something. This is our 10th Valentine's Day together & every year we have done something whether it's go out to dinner, dinner & a movie or just have a nice dinner & movie night at home.

Even though Keegan is 2 1/2 yrs old the last 2 yrs one of the sets of grandparents has watched him for a while so we could have some time to celebrate, whether it's actually on Valentine's Day or a few days before or after. Unfortunately this year things just didn't work out & we've got little Piglet now too.

The good thing is that we did manage to get the kids into bed early last night so we had some time to talk & snuggle before we went to bed.

Valentine's Day is great & all but you should make sure that you appreciate your special someone every day. Show them you love & care about them. Tell them you love them. Do something nice for them just because. Yes it's great to have all that on Valentine's Day but it's even more special if it's just any random day of the week.

I have gotten flowers & gifts both on Valentine's Day & on other non special days. I remember my husband sent me flowers to my work a few years ago just because I was having a really bad week & he wanted to cheer me up & let me know how much he loved & cared for me. That was one of the most special days & it out shined most of my Valentine's Days. I'm not really big into flowers because they are not cheap & they die so quickly. Of course I won't turn them down & they sure do make me smile, but it's not the flowers themselves, it's the thought behind the flowers.

In this economy money is an issue for a lot of people. If money is an issue don't worry. Write your special someone a love letter, make a card & if you have a flower garden at home (or with this weather some flowers in your lawn) pick them before you walk in the door. If your special someone is truly worthy they will love & appreciate that gift more than the money you might spend on flowers that will die, chocolates that will get eaten, & jewelry that just glitters (& in my case sits in the safe & rarely gets worn).

Most importantly you should remember to be spontaneous. Don't just wait for Valentine's Day to tell someone that you love & appreciate them. I had forgotten about Valentine's Day last week in the chaos of my oldest being sick & wrote my previous post just because. Now I am glad that I did because it should mean even more.

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