Saturday, February 4, 2012

When "Plans" Get Destroyed by Life

Since I was talking about how that I NEED a plan to function I figured that I might as well give an example of how the chaos of life can not only change a simple plan but just all out destroy it.

Sunday was one of those days where the plan was not just destroyed, it was ground up in a blender destroyed. In all honesty the plan for Sunday was just for us to stay home. My husband was still working on my mother in law's computer and I was thinking about trying to be crafty. My in laws had Keegan so we got to sleep in until 9ish when Piglet woke up & wanted to eat. We sat around drinking our coffee & then hubby went to get started on the computer again while I started watching some TV and fed Piggy.

Next thing I know we're having to rush to get ready to head to town & meet up with his parents because his Mom decided she wanted a new computer. Well Michael's is right by Best Buy & I have a project I need to start working on for my cousin's baby shower so I decided to go with him & take a bunch of the materials I have here & swing into Michael's for everything else I needed.

Of course it was somewhere around 12 before we got to Best Buy because it was around 10ish before she made this announcement & even without one kid in the house it took us about 2hrs to get ourselves ready & load "everything" up.

Since my husband knew he was facing HOURS of work setting up the new computer for her, to save time he dropped me & Piglet at Michael's & headed over to Best Buy. Now for those of you that know me, you would probably not be shocked at the fact that I have NEVER been shopping in Michael's (I went into one a looong time ago with my Mom, but "I" was not shopping there). Talk about overwhelming. I didn't even know where to start so Piggy & I started slowly cruising aisles. The really sad thing is that I hadn't even made it down the first column of aisles by time hubby came back from them buying the computer.

Since we were supposed to pick up food for everyone on our way back to the house we started actively looking for the specific things that I needed. I was halfway through the store when I got the call that changed everything. Our dear family friend who I call the "Fairy" (she called herself Keegan's Fairy God Grandmother) called me. This was the beginning of the conversation:

Fairy:  Did someone just call you?
Me:  No. Why?
Fairy:  You need to go to the hospital.
Me:  What?!?! *insert heart stopping panic, visions of my mother & aunt (who I knew were out shopping) in a car crash.
Fairy:  *static* is on their way to the hospital in the ambulance.
Me:  *confusion & tears as I try to figure out who is on the way to the hospital*
Fairy:  Your Mom wanted me to call you.

Finally I get enough to figure out it was my Dad. He was climbing onto her roof to check her heater when the ladder kind of slipped, he got off balance halfway on the roof & fell landing on his back on her brick planter. Either right before or right after I finally figured out it was my Dad, hubby finds me (we separated to conquer more territory faster) with tears streaming down my face while he tries to figure out what's going on. Once Fairy realizes I'm starting to cry she remembers to throw in that my Dad is ok, he can move everything but says his back hurts really bad. Fairy was also in a panic & continued to cry every time I called her that day to give her updates lol.

I did of course give her a bad time later for starting the conversation that way. As a side note to all of you reading, NEVER EVER start a conversation with "You need to go to the hospital". Unless the person is bleeding to death, unconscious, having a heart attack or stroke, possibly paralyzed or otherwise in some sort of critical condition, START the conversation with "[insert name] is OKAY, but you need to go to the hospital"

Since she said that he was ok & I have extensive experience with the emergency room we decided that since we had half the stuff I needed that we might as well get the rest of the stuff. Hubby called his parents & told them to go ahead & get themselves & Keegan food & what had happened. So we wrapped up our shopping trip & he dropped me off at the emergency room & took Piggy & the rest of the stuff off to his parents house.

So even though the plan for the day consisted of me staying at home maybe blogging or doing whatever, it changed not only once, but twice! I thought I was going to spend the day working on one or both of my projects that I want to tackle but instead I spent most of the day at the hospital.

As a side note, my Dad is home & doing ok. Check the next blog for details on that DRAMA!

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