Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend!

I really thought that I was going to get a lot more stuff done this week. At least a post or two on my to do list. Or finish the 2 drafts I have on here haha.

I managed to get a lot done Tuesday. Got the house all straightened up from the weekend & got some posts put up with some of the new giveaways going on this month. BUT I envisioned so much more.

I went into SVT again on Sunday as we were getting ready to head out of the house. I managed to get it to stop with some good coughs this time but I was worthless the rest of that day. I was a little better on Monday & felt pretty good Tuesday. After that it all went down hill.

I think the lack of sleep this week is not helping. I tried & planned to take some naps this week while Keegan was gone & Piglet was sleeping but every time I tried he woke right back up. I'm hoping to get to sleep at least an extra hour the next few days but we'll see what the kids have planned haha.

Our Easter starts tomorrow & goes for 3 days. It's going to be a looooong weekend. We'll be at a different house each day. My husband surprised me today & told me he took tomorrow off so at least that will be helpful. He'll be here to help me get the boys ready & loaded up in the car to go to my Mom's.

Anyone have any special plans this weekend?

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