Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some New Changes

In case you haven't been over to the blog in the last few days there have been a few changes.

First thanks to Facebook forcing the Timeline change on me & my need to figure out a good Cover Photo for the page I ended up coming up with the perfect idea. Since I thought the Cover Photo was so awesome I modified it to be the blog's new banner! I hope you like it.

Then I finally got my Gluten Free Amazon store set up. If you look right below the banner above there are a few pages you can click on to find different pieces of information. If you click on the Gluten Free Amazon Store page you can browse through & shop some of my favorite gluten free items on Amazon. I've tried a variety of different products & done some comparison pricing. Usually if you buy in bulk you save money & I buy a lot of stuff in bulk from Amazon. My store functions just like you were on Amazon's website. You can add items to your cart & check out just like normal. It all goes through Amazon, it's just set up to appear on my blog.

Since the giveaways that I posted up last week have all ended as of yesterday I updated the Current Giveaways page with some new giveaways that just started this weekend. Lots of Gift Cards, Cash & electronics being given away throughout this month so make sure you take some time to check them out & enter to win.

I'll keep updating the list throughout the month with new big prizes as I find out about them.

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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