Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Road Are We On?

Apparently I created a monster one night when we were on our way home from my parents house. I don't think Jon knows how this whole thing started so I'm probably going to get hassled from him when he finds this out haha.

I made the mistake one night on our way home of somewhat illustrating where we were on our drive home. I started naming the streets that we were on. I'm not sure if I'm the only one or if most kids are this way but I had no real idea what the names of streets were etc until I started driving. I knew how to get around for the most part to the places that I was familiar with but I had no real idea what any of the street names were. So I figured that if I started teaching Keegan the names of the streets early on that it'd be beneficial. He already knows the street he lives on & the city, so the more he knows the better, right?

Since that night our car conversations tend to go like this:

Keegan: what road are we on?
Daddy: Hatch Rd
Keegan: Mommy, which road are we on?
Mommy: Hatch Rd

Trust me, we’ve covered the whole “daddy just told you” thing but it doesn’t matter. Apparently he believes that only Mommy must know where she’s at. Though sometimes the conversation goes this way.

Keegan: What road are we on?
Mommy: I don’t know
Daddy: Paradise Rd
Keegan: Mommy, what road are we on?
Mommy: Daddy said Paradise Rd
Keegan: Oh

I really am not sure why he can't accept the answer from my husband. I'm not sure if it's that he doesn't believe Daddy or that he really thinks that Daddy has no idea where he is. This is not the part that drives us totally crazy though. No, what drives us totally crazy is this.

Keegan: What road are we on?
Mommy: Hatch Rd
*we drive 10ft in a straight line*
Keegan: What road are we on?
Mommy: Still on Hatch Rd. We haven't turned. Unless we turn we're on the same road.
*we drive 10 more feet, straight*
Keegan: What road are we on?
Usually at about this point I start to get fed up so I sometimes stop answering so then Daddy takes over. Usually what follows is a lot of "KEEGAN, be quiet!"

My mother especially finds moments like this amusing (any time we're telling Keegan to please be quiet she usually starts cackling). My Mom used to say that she hoped I had a daughter just like me, well she says I may not have had a daughter but Keegan is just like me (unfortunately it is true, sometimes I cannot help but start laughing hysterically during some of the moments when he's driving me nuts because I know, he is just like me).

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