Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm falling behind again!

It's incredibly hard to juggle all of the things that I have on my to do list. It seems like something always gets left behind a bit. It doesn't help that I have days like yesterday when I am just so thoroughly exhausted I can hardly make myself get up & move.

I learned something when I saw my specialist last week. He said that the medication that I'm taking can make me really tired & fatigued so I'm hoping that, these days that I have are due to the medication. Next Monday is my last dose of medication. Then I think that as long as they think they've fixed my heart that I won't be taking it anymore. Hopefully that will mean more days of Super Mom on duty.

I was completely wiped out yesterday. I tried to take a nap when Piglet did in the morning but as usual it takes me so long to finally fall asleep that I think I might have gotten 30min of sleep before he woke up haha.

I think pretty much the only other thing I did all day was I did actually work on my coupons. I think I cut up 3 or 4 of my coupon inserts but I still have at least 3 to go, then trimming & sorting. Ugh! Coupons are a lot of work! It is really fun to get good deals but it's a real pain in the butt.

We did end up going out to my grandparents later & I took some of my resin pieces & did some sanding while we sat out in the back by the garden & watched Keegan go nuts. It was really nice doing nothing but I started this morning with 125 emails, some I haven't touched since Monday, ugh.

Luckily I was back in good form today though. My back is killing me but I re-cast all of my molds, had dinner just about ready when Jon got home & straightened up the kitchen again. I even made a little bit of progress with my email. I expect I will probably finish getting caught up or mostly caught up on emails tomorrow since with Keegan home I usually can't do anything else haha.

I'm afraid what's going to happen next week though. Jon's taken the whole week off to either watch the kids etc while I do my pre-surgery stuff (or go with me) & then there's the big day of surgery & the next day he'll hopefully be bringing me home from the hospital. With him home "maybe" I can stay on top of my online stuff until the day of surgery. I'm sure by time I get a chance to catch up again I'll be 3 days behind.

But you know what? It's ok. In the big scheme of things my email is not that important. I always scan it for emails saying I won something & can handle those on my iphone so anything else can just wait.

And now, I must get up & feed my children AGAIN because the big one never eats like he should, when he should so he's always hungry shortly after dinner & the little one is never truly satisfied because he hasn't exploded yet :p

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