Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WW: Few words, Many pics

Since tomorrow is surgery & everything after that is up in the air I decided to do several pictures capturing the last week & all the events surrounding my birthday & Memorial Day.


Piglet has inherited Keegan's remote that he used to play with & the 1st thing he wanted to do was eat it!
 Some of the birthday presents I ordered for myself.
Keegan went on his 1st trip to Santa Cruz with my parents. My Dad took some pics with his Blackberry


I only have 1 picture because we spent the whole day working.

Birthday breakfast. It's not biscuits & chocolate gravy but it was good (Jon's supposed to make biscuits & chocolate gravy for me on Saturday).


Our morning started with a shopping trip to buy goodies for this little beauty. Then we drove to Merced to pick her up. Kind of fitting that both our cats came from Merced. 

After we picked her up we went to Mamo's for BBQ & to hang out & Keegan helped Grandpa Keith mow the lawn.

This is one of the 1st things I saw in the morning
 After a long pre-op at the hospital & a few errands we stopped in at my favorite restaurant for some awesome Mexican food. This has always been my favorite!

I'm getting Midnight more used to everyone & she thinks I'm her Momma because she kept trying to nurse on my fingers or the tip of my nose haha

This morning Midnight was in my lap & Kaden was on the boppy. He was so excited to get to touch her.

If I get nothing else done today this will be the reason why. I will miss both of my boys tomorrow but I will miss this little guy so much. If I'm lucky I'll get to see them after surgery but if not this will definitely be the longest I will be away from him. 

I hope you all enjoyed my not, so wordless Wednesday. Hopefully this isn't my last post for a while. I always have lots to say, just not sure if I'll have more time.

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