Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Fun & Busy Preparing for Tomorrow's Surgery

So you've already seen my Wordless Wednesday post so you kind of got the gist of my amazing last week but there's a bit more fun to share.

Keegan went off to stay with my parents Friday night so we caught up on some TV & I started working on my shell casing earring project. We slept in a little the next day & our plans for the day went out the window when we got called up to go help Jon's parents. I managed to get a bit more work done on my project while we were there, had some good dinner & headed home. The most memorial point of the day was on the drive up there when we were talking about a friend's comment on how she's lost inches but isn't happy because she hasn't lost the weight she wanted. I said, "I haven't really lost much weight since December but I'm still shrinking because none of my pants will stay up" and his response was, "please don't get any shorter". Damn smartass! But I love him :p

We went to Michael's for me to use my couponing prowess to score some more deals on stuff I need & my parents called to tell us they were going to keep Keegan. Unfortunately I got a call at 10pm saying he was coming home instead because as soon as they hit the valley his allergies started in & he was coughing up a storm. Some Claratin when he got home solved his problem & he had a nice long sleep. I think it was about 9:30 or so before he woke up the next morning.

Jon kept asking what I wanted to do for my birthday & really I didn't care so much. Something good to eat always works for me but the biggest thing I wanted to do was get my work area set up in the garage. Jon's Dad & I (him mostly) helped clean up some & move things around. I now have a nice level table to pour resin on & a second table top with lots of drawers for storage set up. I did quite a bit of cleaning & reorganizing inside & have an old computer desk in the corner of the kitchen as my "coupon corner". I haven't managed to get all my coupons cut out or organized yet but I will get there. Hell I haven't even managed to clean out my craft corner in the front room yet. I'm still hoping to get that done today & get most of it put away in the garage so it will all be safe tomorrow while my crazy Granny is here watching Piglet.

More things didn't go exactly according to plan but we took a trip & got ourselves a new kitten. We thought she was a short hair when we went to pick her up but she's not so much which may result in her being an outdoor cat when she gets a bit older. We're still trying to determine if she's causing us allergy issues or not. Jon's always noticed allergies with long hair cats & I've never had anything but a short hair.

She's slowly getting used to us. Keegan is super excited & the first thing he asked Tuesday morning was "where's Midnight?". Our Queen B (as in the word) is super pissed off but she also seems really freaked out. Midnight had 1 flea bath when we first got home on Monday but I thought I spotted a flea last night so she got another bath today followed by 3 more in a row with me really playing mother as I stood there trying to pick fleas off of her haha. She's now in her little carrier cage on the floor & Ziva finally got curious enough that she slowly made her way up to the cage to peak in & check her out but then she took off again.

It's been a really busy last week. I've been so busy that this is definitely the longest that I've actually sat still I think. I managed to catch up on all my emails etc last week & I have 107 now. I don't figure I'll get caught up until maybe this time next week but that's ok with me. Hopefully we at least finish getting the house "Granny proofed" as Jon said earlier haha. If there is something out somewhere, she will try to find a way to put it somewhere, even if it doesn't belong there. Love her to death & love that she cleans sometimes but finding everything when she leaves is always loads of fun haha.

Anyway Jon went to pick up Keegan & he comes home starving & wanting a snack so I've got to go make him something & then see about the rest of the stuff on my to do list tonight. I have to be at the hospital by 8am & my surgery is supposed to start at 9:30am. So it will be an early morning as usual so hopefully we're not still up at midnight AGAIN :p

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