Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Time Away

As I said on my post  the other day I spent pretty much 5 days away from the computer doing all sorts of things. Last Friday I took the boys out to my grandparents place in the country. It'd been a little bit since we'd last been out there & Keegan loves to go spend time out there & dig in my Mom's garden & feed the chickens. Unfortunately Jon had some business appointments so he had to stay home (and then none of his appointments showed up grrr).

Piglet stayed inside with my Mom & everyone else while Mom & Mamo worked on dinner and I took Keegan outside to feed the chickens. He cracks me up because when he feeds them I think he's purposefully trying to peg them with the food. He throws it right at a specific chicken & yells, "Here, Eat this!"

Then I forget what it was that he did but he made me chase him around the yard a bit. He was also trying to find the baby kitties that were hiding out there. Then after dinner my Mom took him back out to feed the chickens & play in the garden.

On Saturday we went to the local street faire. This was a really big deal for us as a family this year because instead of Piglet riding in Mommy's belly he got to ride in his stroller. I think he really enjoyed it. We decided against leaving him in his carseat on the stroller & just strapped him in real good so he could see everything. I think we were there about 3 hours & he just sat there awake the whole time & he never really made a peep except to laugh at us when we stopped to eat & I was playing with him.

The other big deal with the street faire was that I was actually walking this year. Last year I was in my wheelchair & Keegan sat on my lap while Jon pushed us around. I think this was actually the longest I was on my feet since before I broke my leg in 2010 & oh man was I beat haha. I was feeling exhausted before we even got over to the petting zoo. So I sat with Piglet while Jon took Keegan in to check out the animals.

Sunday we spent almost the whole day outside. Jon had to mow the lawns so we got Piglet set up in his walker with some toys where I could see him while I worked on my resin casting in the garage. Keegan goofed around in the front with us until Jon moved on to the backyard & then he stayed back there with him until it was done. After that we had lunch & the boys took their naps.

I had gone back to work casting more pieces when my Mom called & said they were bringing over Keegan's swing set that we bought him over a year ago that was at their house. It went to their house because my grandma was watching him there & we didn't have any grass in our backyard at the time. I was so glad that they finally brought it over. When Keegan got up from his nap he had such a big surprise & he ran out there right away & started playing on it.

I didn't plan to spend most of my day Monday outside either but Piglet took a nap right as Keegan was going outside to play so I washed down all his toys & filled his pirate ship & sink up with water & hosed off the patio. Then I was on pushing duty for the swing & watching him go down the slide. I managed to escape for a few brief periods of time to cast 1 piece of resin & then I had to upset him terribly (seriously he got all dramatic haha) by going in the house for 30 minutes while I tried to get the kitchen cleaned up so I could make lunch for everyone before Jon got home.

He finally came in long enough to eat lunch & then went right back out. He got to play a bit longer while I got Piglet fed & settled in & then I made him come in & go take a nap. But as soon as naps were over he was up demanding I go back outside with him haha. So Piglet went in his walker with his toys & stayed in the house with Jon while he cut up the chicken for dinner. I got to push Keegan on the swing a bunch more & watch him goof around with all his toys until it was my turn to take over making dinner. Then Daddy went outside with him haha.

I was starting to clean up dinner when I saw Jon's head outside & I saw that he was sitting on the grass outside with Keegan. Then I looked in the front room to check on Piglet & saw that he was gone. I went to the back door & then I saw Piglet sitting in Jon's lap. I got called outside with the camera & was so caught up in taking pictures of my 3 boys outside that it wasn't until my Mom called & I was talking to her that I realized I forgot to put the chicken in the fridge haha.

After all those days of fun & Keegan being home of course the house was trashed again so Tuesday I took my cape out of the closet & became Super Mom. I vacuumed all the floors, did dishes, cleaned the table & counters, washed all the bottles, swept all the floors, cleaned Keegan's bathroom real good & then mopped all the floors. Before I started working I got the slow cooker out & put some chicken in with salsa for dinner.

I took about an hour or so break in the afternoon while Piglet was sleeping on me & then I had to go pick up Keegan. After that it was back to work. I started in getting dinner ready. I shredded the chicken, fried up a bunch of corn tortillas while I made avocado dip & grated cheese. I got Keegan to the table & he was eating his dinner already as I was finishing up the last of the preparations when Jon got home.

Talk about a busy productive day but it was really nice. I didn't think about it until later but it seems I'm really working hard for this Mother's Day haha.

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