Friday, May 11, 2012

Earn with Swagbucks!

 Swagbucks has been my favorite site so far because I've really gotten the most out of it all by myself. There is no real basic amount you have to reach or friends you have to recruit etc like with Superpoints. I usually trade in at every 450 swagbucks for $5 on Amazon. I've also gotten a bunch of free stuff through surveys I've done for them in the last week & according to the info I've been given I'll be sent some money too when I complete the 2nd part.

Since I've been talking about all the free stuff I've gotten this week a bunch of friends & have been asking on Facebook how I'm getting this stuff so my aunt & my cousin both signed up in the last few days.

So anyway, now to the good stuff on how it works. That way my aunt & cousin can start earning points too.


Swagbucks is kind of similar to SuperPoints but it's not an invite only site. You can sign up on your own or you can go through my link here (anything you earn through search I earn as well). At first my earning was slow because I didn't quite understand all the different ways I could earn points & what the best was & what I wanted to do. Since I figured it out at the end of March & really started to put a bit of effort into it every week or two I cash in for $5 on Amazon.

Every day I make sure I log in & do the Daily Poll found in the center right of the home page. I earn 1 point for that every day. Then usually I have something in my inbox at the top right of the screen inviting me to click on a link to watch a video & then it wants me to click on the video ad that plays at the beginning & answer a survey question saying whether the ad matched the landing page. Until recently the answer has always been that I didn't see an ad. In the last week there actually has been an ad & it matches. I get 3 points for that. The video it takes me to is usually on SwagTV. There are all sorts of things you can watch on SwagTV & if I'm watching real TV or doing something & I don't want to hear the SwagTV I put my speakers on mute & just keep playing videos. A swag meter fills up at the top & every time it hits 100% I earn 3 points.

Then there's the Search & Earn feature. Swagbucks has it's own search engine. So I often use it instead of Google now because sometimes when I do a search I'll win swagbucks. I don't always win but sometimes if I'm lucky I'll win points this way at least once a day. I think the most I've won was 21 this way.

There are also SwagCodes that are sometimes posted on their blog, FB, Twitter, Swidget or hidden in the store etc. This is what took me the longest to actually understand & get until I got some help. Last Monday they had a Swag Code Extravaganza & released 8 codes worth a total of 75 points throughout the day. I got every single one. If you sign up & need some pointers on this just message me & I'll be more than glad to help.

The big earner for me though has been the Trusted Surveys. I'm not a big fan of surveys but most I've done through Swag Bucks haven't been too bad & the least amount of points I've earned has been 50 & the most has been 263. This week I also just got sent free ALL Laundry Detergent packs to try for free as part of a survey. I'll have to do 1 more follow up survey in a few weeks after using the detergent (how awesome is that? FREE stuff! plus swag bucks!). I also got sent 2 packs of Gerber 1sts baby food as part of another survey. When I do the follow up survey for that one I'll get $7! As if that wasn't awesome enough I got invited to a greeting card panel through another survey this week & after logging in once a week for 3 months to tell them if I bought a greeting card that week or not I'll get $25 plus I'm entered into a drawing for $500! Since I've been doing the surveys that's how I've really started to get points fast. I get disqualified from a lot or they're over quota already but if that happens you'll earn 1 swagbuck until you've earned 5 for the day. After you've been disqualified more than 5 times you don't get that extra point.

Another very important thing to watch for is on the Home page in the middle right of the screen is the hourly random winner. If you're logged onto Swagbucks at that next hour marker you have a chance of being the random winner & as long as you click on the button to claim your swagbucks you earn 1,000 swagbucks!

There are other ways to earn but so far that's mainly all that I do. You can do some tasks though, play games & earn, enter swag stakes (like lotto), or print coupons through swagbucks & when you redeem them you supposedly earn points (I'm going to have to try this one out. PS during May you get double points for doing this).

 I highly recommend Swagbucks to everyone. It's a great site!

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