Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easy Dinners Make Life Easy

I'm so glad that we decided we were going to have pizza today because I had to run around & do errands. By time I finished my errands & finally got home it was almost noon. I had to do blood work that required me to be fasting & not only was I starving by time I got home but my head was killing me too. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or not but I've felt pretty crappy all day & keep getting dizzy & lightheaded real easily.

My heart seems to be better, in that I'm not having a lot of funny beats going on, but I keep getting dizzy & lightheaded all the time. In fact last night I was on the bed for a few minutes resting & when I got up to head towards the bathroom I almost passed out before I had reached the doorway.

There's nothing I hate more on days like this than having to stand for a long time fixing dinner or cleaning it up. I actually hadn't realized how easy making my pizza was until tonight & now I really appreciate it. Jon mixed the batter for me while I finished feeding Kaden & then I spread it out on the pan & stuck it in the oven.

While the crust was cooking I had plenty of time to get all the toppings out & ready to go. Once I put them on & the pizza was back in the oven I had more than enough time to put the few dishes from making the pizza & the rest of the dishes for the day in the dishwasher.

After we were through eating I had even less dishes to do & while I futilely waited for Keegan to finish eating his pizza I put the rest of the pizza away & washed the pan.

Yes, it is not as easy as picking up the phone & ordering a pizza for delivery (or doing it online), but it cost a lot less & was definitely a lot more healthy for us. Now Jon's mowing the lawn & I'm currently watching the boys play on the floor (though Keegan keeps disappearing for a while to harass Daddy). Kaden's almost crawling, he definitely has his push ups & rolling all around mastered.

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