Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love My OCD Child

So we've just finished eating dinner. Jon & I are still sitting at the table & Keegan has run off. Jon realizes that it's really quiet so he goes to find out what Keegan's doing. He comes back a few minutes later saying, "OMG your OCD child! You had to go & teach him to clean the baseboards".

Apparently Jon walked into our bathroom just in time to see Keegan on my chair in the bathroom starting to get down with a wet washcloth. The water is still running in the sink & he leaves a big stream of water from the washcloth on the chair.

Jon assumes that he has it to wash his face so he takes it from him & starts to wash his hands & face. Keegan starts freaking out & squealing "Nooo!!! Nooo!! I need it to clean my boards!" Now when he says boards it kind of sounds like "birds". So Jon asks him, "What birds? We don't have any freaking birds!" so then Keegan drags him down the hall & shows him the baseboard & proceeds to tell him that it's dirty & it's his job to clean it hahaha.

I started cackling maniacally at the table as he's telling me this. I'm actually somewhat surprised because he didn't seem all that into it on Monday when I gave him that job. He only did a very small section of baseboard but he made up for it tonight. The baseboards all the way down the hall & into my bedroom are pretty nice & clean.

He kept calling me over to look at his work & told me that "I" was his helper & that I could do it when "I" get bigger. I think I really like that idea because as Jon said, I don't think I'll be getting any bigger so I guess I'll never do baseboards again because Keegan's becoming a professional at it hehe. Total win for me!

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