Monday, June 18, 2012

My Little Helper

Usually I don't clean on the days that Keegan is home because he just gets in the way & turns around & makes more messes. Last week with the help of Jon all the cleaning was done Monday night except for vacuuming the front room. That worked really well for me because it gave me more time on Tuesday to work on earrings. Last week really did end up being a very productive week. I got all the flyers & business cards designed for the event Jon's Guns went to on Saturday & I made 20 pairs of earrings. It was a little stressful & a lot of work but I was pretty happy with what I got done. (We managed to get a bunch of good pics of them so I'll work on getting some pics up for my Wordless Wednesday post).

So anyway when I started cleaning he kept wanting to help me so I was giving him little jobs to help me out. After he did all the little stuff like hold the door open for me & move the laundry around I decided to give him 1 of the jobs that's been annoying me the most. Every time I vacuum I see the baseboards & get annoyed but by time I'm done with the rest of the stuff I am just too tired to scrub the baseboards. But it turned out to the best job for him. He may not have done the best job but it kept him occupied & out of my way until I got to mopping the kitchen.

He worked really hard & got a small section of the baseboard all clean. Of course I'd like the whole thing done but I'll take what I can get. Maybe next Monday we'll clean again & he can get another small section done hehe. 

He said he wanted to mop with me too so I said I'd let him help me do the kitchen. It might have gone smoothly if Midnight wasn't in there trying to eat but since she was in there he kept chasing her out & she'd come back in & he'd chase her again. The kitchen was almost completely done when he went after her again & I hear a thump. I figured it was going to be like last night at his grandparents. He just had to throw Kaden's diaper away & went running down the hall & we all hear a thump & crying. We're still not sure exactly what happened but he cut his toe somehow (a few months ago he was running in their house & ran into the corner of the wall. He has a nice little scar on his left eyebrow lol). 

Luckily today I think he maybe just bumped his head a little bit on the floor but when I sat him down in the other room & told him to just rest & I'd finish it he was all better & stopped crying so he could help me finish mopping haha. 

Our work for the day is done now but he said, "Mommy, you're a good cleaner. We worked hard didn't we Mommy?" haha soo cute even though he is my destroyer who makes most of the messes :p

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