Friday, June 15, 2012

Support Feels Amazing

When I had been off work on disability for a few weeks my Mom talked to me & brought up the possibility that if I continued to be on disability for the rest of my pregnancy the odds were slim that I would still have a job after Kaden was born. So I needed to figure out something I could do & stay home with the boys.

Since I was stuck on the couch not able to do much I spent a lot of time online. I saw all sorts of cool things (didn't discover Pinterest until maybe 3 months ago) & had some different ideas of things to try & do. After seeing a bunch of adorable crocheted baby hats I tried to learn to crochet. That went horribly. I was getting so mad & cussing & wanting to throw everything haha.

I also considered photography/digital editing. I'm not magician with the camera or editing but I'm handier with Photoshop than your average joe but I just wasn't sure that was my thing. I had no idea what my thing was or would be. I never would have guessed in a million years that I'd be making jewelry.

For those of you who know me pretty well I'm sure you've already spotted the irony in the fact that I'm making jewelry. The irony here is that I almost never wear jewelry. I have never been a big jewelry person but I used to wear earrings constantly until 7-8yrs ago. I got my 2nd holes pierced & then had problems. It seemed like my ears always hurt so I just stopped wearing earrings. My 1st holes had even started to close until I recently broke them back in.

Since I started getting into the gun stuff I started looking for gun themed jewelry. Let me tell you that there's not a lot out there. Around this time I had stumbled across a video on how to make resin jewelry & then the ideas started flowing. Apparently I have spent so much time talking about all of the jewelry making stuff that my husband must have seen that I was really excited & wanted to give this a try. He fully supported me buying the stuff I needed to get started & when my cheap ass was freaking out about the cost & considering breaking it up over 2 months he said to just buy it. He even helped come up with different ideas for me & when I decided I wanted to get into polymer clay too he was behind me on that as well. I still need to get an oven to bake it in & since I haven't really had any time to mess with it since I got the stuff they are all still packaged haha.

He also just bought me another new gun because I wanted the shell casings haha. The last time we went to the range I picked up all the good looking brass that I could find. I kind of made myself sick because it was so hot & I was walking around bent over the whole time. I found some shell casings that I really like & it turns out they are .22 Magnums. I only ended up with a few & amazingly Jon didn't already have a gun that shoots those. So far I've only played with .22 & .22 Magnums because once you shoot them you can't do anything else with them. If you have the equipment you can reload any of the other calibers but .22 casings just go in the trash. I figured that if I was going to destroy any casings figuring out what I was doing the .22s were the place to start.

In a good marriage it's not that amazing to get so much support from your spouse but I've been a little surprised at the other support that I've been getting. My father-in-law has given suggestions & ideas. My DAD even gave me some suggestions. My Mom has gotten on the bandwagon & even wanted to take me to the Mall to show me some jewelry that they sell there that's made by some lady. Granny just got here to help watch the boys while I finish up a bunch of the earrings that I've gotten started. Then there's a few of my friends that I keep texting pictures to & asking for their input.

Maybe part of all this support is because I don't ever get this excited about something & jump into spending a lot of money unless I'm sure I really want to do it. I think everyone knows this about me.

I also realize that Etsy & Facebook pages selling jewelry are a dime a dozen but I think it helps that I kind of have a niche. If nothing else I at least really like the jewelry I'm making. I've snagged several pairs of earrings for myself haha.

Anyway, time to get to work. I'm hoping to get pictures taken of everything I've made tonight so maybe next week I'll have a bunch of pictures to share.

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