Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This WILL Be A Productive Week

Since as usual this weekend didn't go exactly according to plan I have a lot to make up for this week. Thankfully last night when we got home Jon helped me & between the two of us we got most of the cleaning done.

This morning was my 1st time hauling the kids off to play group since my heart procedure & I did pretty good. I was definitely huffing & puffing a bit though so it's good that I didn't push myself & try to do it last week because I'm pretty sure there's no way I could have done it.

Still I came home from dropping Keegan off & went to work. I cleaned both the cat boxes, swept the floors, started laundry & finished the last bit of vacuuming. To say that I'm beat is an understatement. I'm glad that everything else I have to do requires me to sit haha at least until I get up to make lunch. I'll empty the dishwasher at lunch time & I might give Midnight a bath after.

I'm just waiting for Kaden to fall asleep before I get out my lap tray & get to work making earrings. In the mean time I'm doing something that's going to make Jon want to kill me haha. I sat down & just started this post when I looked over at the fish tank & saw 2 babies hiding up by the heater so I put the baby net in our baby tank (which is full of not so baby sword tails & guppies) & fished those 2 babies out. I'm not sure if the momma is still popping anymore out or not but I am watching as I type. As if we don't have enough fish as it is lol.

Since everyone's wanting to see what I've been making maybe if I get a chance to take some pictures tonight I'll make that my Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow. I may not have anymore "finished" earrings than the 3 I currently have done but I'm going to be doing a lot of prep work today. So we'll have to wait & see!

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