Sunday, June 10, 2012

Semi-Productive Weekend

So yesterday I didn't exactly do what I was originally planning but at least I got some house stuff done. It took me about another 4hrs to finish the job I started on Friday but all the kids cBy lothes are sorted out & nicely in boxes if they're not wearing them. I even organized the hangers. I like to keep the plastic hangers that the clothes come on because they usually say what size they are on the hanger. Plus if it's not just a shirt but a whole outfit I like to hang the whole thing up together because I may know that there's a pair of pants in the drawer that match that shirt but I'm not always the one getting the clothes out & dressing the kids. It used to drive me crazy when I'd pack up clothes for Keegan & take them to Granny & I'd have the outfits put together & later I'd come to get him after work & he'd be wearing the top from one outfit & the bottoms from another. I realize I'm pretty OCD about things but it wasn't just the fact that the outfits didn't go together but it would be the most clashy colors sometimes lol.

I finally put away all of the baby socks too & got out the bigger ones we had for both boys. It's hard to believe it but Kaden is pretty much wearing 12 month jammies now. He might still be a little too small for some of them but I've currently got the 9 months still out & a tub with 12 months next to it. When one of the 9 months is too small it's getting put away & I'll try a 12 month on him. He wore 12 month jammies last night & he will tonight too.

While I worked on all the kids stuff Jon started working on trying to clean his office up some more. The thing that drove me a bit nuts is that part of the reason I started working on the kids clothes was because I was tired of the boxes in our room. I was tired of hearing cats climbing on, jumping on & fighting with boxes in the middle of the night. Well all the kid boxes are out of there but now there's 3 boxes from his office in there lol.

Today we weren't really planning to do much of anything. I was hoping to get a few pairs of earrings made but instead we ended up going over to my great aunt's house. My....great-great Aunt was in town visiting & she wanted to see the families so we headed over there & hung out for a little while.

My Aunt has 2 granddaughters that are around 5 so she has a bunch of toys there for the kids to play with. Keegan started playing with toys & pretty soon this was happening.

One of these days he may hate me for these photos but it's too cute. He's just too funny. 

We had to swing by my parents house afterwards but we finally made it home & Keegan's passed out on the couch & Piglet's asleep in his bed. Hopefully once I finish this I'm going to eat some quick dinner & then get to work making some earrings. I was supposed to have probably 5 pairs made already but I'm just behind on everything. I'd really like to have 5 - 10 pairs of the different styles made to sell at our event we're doing next Saturday but we'll see. (I'll share pictures later. Since the only input I've gotten so far is to write about the gun & jewelry stuff here I think I might be posting a lot more. As long as I get my stuff done, I've got to make it through this week first.)

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