Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kid Clothing Nightmare

I posted this picture on FB yesterday.

The picture doesn't actually do the real situation justice though. I already had all the newborn to 3 months (most 3-6 as well) folded & put away in a big Huggies box & back in the closet. 

Some people may ask WHY? Well for those that don't know I am part German & Assyrian. My Great-Grandfather was half & half and I definitely inherited his lust for saving money. When Keegan was born I knew for sure that I wanted to have another child & whether it was a boy or a girl I was going to save all of his clothes. I tried to keep them somewhat sorted by size but it wasn't done nicely. 

Obviously we had another boy & though Kaden hasn't worn a lot of Keegan's old daily clothes so far (we got a lot of 3-6 month clothing as gifts) he has worn all of the jammies. I couldn't resist & splurged some before & after he was born on some monkey themed clothing but I've hardly spent anything on clothes for him compared to Keegan. 

He's about 7 1/2 months old now & he's outgrowing some of the 6 month clothes, especially on the jammies. I still had quite a few 3 month items hanging in his half of the closet too. So my intent was basically to try & find him some more clothes & clear out the stuff that was too small. Like I said though, I didn't originally store them very nicely so I had a real mess to deal with & decided it was time to just get it all organized properly. 

I think I spent probably 4hrs at least working on this mess yesterday & I'm about halfway done. I had to go through the newborn to 3 month stuff again & managed to fit some more of the 3 month stuff that was hanging in the closet in there. Then I took the clothes out of all the other boxes & began sorting them in piles according to size while I pulled out clothes that I no longer wanted at all (to trade in for more clothes for Keegan) & stuff that I want to keep as Keegan specific clothes (his 1st Easter outfit etc.). 

I did managed to get all the 24 month & some 2T in one box & all the 18 months in another. What I hope to get finished today is the 12 month & then figure out what 6-9 month stuff I think he can wear & get it hung up & in rotation. 

Hopefully I also get the box of clothes turned in so I can get some new stuff for Keegan because he's finally gotten to the point where most of the 24 month/2T clothes were starting to get too tight & we definitely need more jammies!

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  1. I'm glad this is getting cleaned up. Now I can walk around my side of the bed.