Thursday, June 7, 2012

Would Really Love Some Input

So I've been pretty quiet this week because I've been working on stuff for my husband's gun business. There's an event on the 16th that we'll be at where he'll be selling pepper sprays etc. I've been putting off doing some stuff for him & in preparation for the event. So now that the event is almost here I'm trying to get all this stuff done.

As for what I need some input on, I've been thinking for a while (that alone should make you scared) about if I should start another blog or not. I just turned 29 & I'm still discovering things about myself & figuring out things that I like & excite me. Part of that is my relatively new love of shooting guns & now helping my husband with his gun business. The other big new thing is my foray into making jewelry. I am extremely excited about all of these things & I really want to talk about them & share some of the things that I'm doing.

Around December/January I revamped the blog with a new name & look as well as new features. I tweaked the purpose of it slightly mainly just sharing things in my life. Info on giveaways that I enter, how I enter them & sometimes some other good deals that I find. I'm not really sure if my reader base has actually grown or not. I have a facebook page with a ton of fans now thanks to some giveaways I participated in but I'm not really sure how many people actually read what I have to say. So...maybe it doesn't really even matter. I don't know, but that's what I'm trying to find out.

If anyone has any input please let me know. I did actually create another blog on blogger a week or two ago but because I linked blogger to my Google + account it wouldn't let me change the name that I write under etc. So I didn't post anything & I'm still trying to figure out how to delete it haha.


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