Friday, July 13, 2012

Clorox Wipes In The Bathroom

Keegan's been mostly potty trained since he was 18 months old. Of course with Kaden on the way & then his arrival we had some definite set backs. We are finally at the point now where he has accidents occasionally.

Last year we decided it was time to transition him to using the real toilet instead of his froggy potty. Jon found this really cool toilet seat at Home Depot that has the child seat that magnetizes into the lid. Put a stool in front of the toilet & he's set to go all by himself like he was on the froggy potty.

Now the problem here is that he's a boy & he has some aiming issues, even when he's sitting. So after constantly dealing with clean up issues I brought in our 1 container of Clorox wipes & told him that when he makes a mess he can use "one" wipe & clean it up.

Thankfully on our next trip to Costco I had the foresight to buy another 3 pack of wipes while they were on sale because I think it was the very next day we catch him in the bathroom with a bunch of wipes out. The entire toilet is spotless, the whole top of his stool is glistening with moisture & little soap bubbles & he's working on the floor now.

We had to have a little discussion AGAIN about using 1 wipe to just clean up his mess. The good thing here is that his bathroom is the cleanest in the house haha. I think we're going to have to buy stock in Clorox wipes though. Still I'd much rather him clean up his mess than leave it & I hope that by him starting now that it continues (hopefully not too obsessively) as he gets older.

I was talking to my Mom the other day about how he's become my obsessive little cleaner & she told me that when he was over last week he was in her bedroom & he said, "Grandma, those boards are dirty! You need to clean them" as he pointed at her baseboards. She told him that the next time he comes over she'll give him a rag & let him clean them hehe.

As a side note- After I put him to work scrubbing baseboards I read from another blog (sorry I forget which one) that cleaning the baseboards with a dryer sheet works great & seems to help repel the dust from building up on it for a while. Supposedly they're supposed to attach somehow to one of those long Swiffer handles so you can do it standing. I don't know about you but now that he has them mostly clean I am going to give this a try & see if it works.

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