Thursday, July 12, 2012

Funky Nails

So I actually painted my nails the other day. It's kind of amazing because I think the last time I painted my nails was probably last year some time. If you're a mom of small children like I am, especially a stay at home mom, you probably don't do your nails very often either.

It's not that I don't want to do my nails or like doing my nails. There was a time when I used to paint my nails almost every day of the week because I wanted them to coordinate with my outfits. I was actually very good at painting my own nails. My high school mascot was a bulldog & I used to paint my nails red on rally days & then put little white paw prints on them. My Mom even used to make me paint her nails all the time.

Times have changed though & now I have two children that need almost constant attention. Before I had Kaden I could do my nails while Keegan napped & generally not worry about them getting messed up right away. Now, even with Kaden napping I still have a bit of worry, especially lately with his teeth giving him so much trouble.

Then there's the other obvious reason. It seems like even with my 1 day of full house cleaning I'm still cleaning the kitchen counter & doing dishes a few times a day. All that work doesn't make a paint job last that long, at least not to where it looks good.

So I decided to try something a little funky, kind of inspired by camouflage. I put a clear base coat & then took a light purple polish & just made little dots on every nail. Then I took the turqoise color & did the same thing trying to fill in some of the clear spaces. When I was done I put another coat of the clear on top which kind of helped to flatten any puffier spots.

It was an experiment that I think actually turned out quite well. I think I'll be doing my nails like this more often. I only did it when I did because my husband was home & I was leaving soon for a doctor appointment. I ended up messing up my left thumb nail a little bit but you could never tell by looking at it because of the funky design. I think the only problem is that the purple is a little too light so you don't even notice it from far away. When I do them next time I'll have to use some equally dark or light colors.

This was actually really fun to do & I even did my toes to match. I may have to go buy some more nail polish remover since besides the fact that mine is probably 8yrs old at least (I'm dead serious), it's almost gone. I have a feeling that I'm going to be doing my nails more often.

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