Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Bad to Good

I think we all have those days where right after we get out of bed, or in some cases before we even make it out of bed, we realize that it's going to be a craptastic day & we should just crawl back in bed until the next day rolls around.

When your morning starts off crappy first thing out of bed, you expect the rest of the day to be miserable. If by some chance it isn't, then that's fantastic. What's not fantastic, however, is when the day starts out just fine, but then goes to hell from there. Last Thursday was one of those days.

Usually Keegan is at play group on Thursdays but they were on vacation last week, but so were my parents. So both the boys were going over there to spend some time with them while I went on my weekly shopping trip.

Everything went smooth getting out the door. I dropped them off & everything was fantastic. I even remembered to grab my checkbook at home so I could go sign up for the Target Red Card (debit card that links to your checking account like your ATM & when you use it you save 5%). I realize that I'll be nearby BevMo so I should probably stop & grab another bottle of midori because I'm almost out (no, I'm not a heavy drinker but there are just some days by time Jon gets home that I need a drink & midori is part of my favorite drink).

I'm kind of irritated when I get to BevMo though, because I can't find my BevMo card & I'm not sure what phone number it's under. I'm the only customer in the store though so the cashier is real nice & offers to try several numbers until finally we find it. Life is good. I'm getting a bottle of midori. She asks for my ID. I hand it over all happy & smiling. Until....she says, "Do you have one that's not expired?".

Everything screeches to a halt, including my breathing & my heart. "What?! It's expired?!? Seriously?!". Yes, apparently my license expired on my birthday 2 months ago & I had no idea. How did I not know? For starters, I'm pretty sure that I forgot to change my address when we bought our house in...2008...yeah...Secondly, who looks at their driver's license & pays attention to that? I know I can't be the only one that doesn't know when their license expires.

Needless to say that I did not get my midori. I bitched & mumbled to myself all the way to the car. I immediately texted Jon & told him what was going on. He was nice enough to schedule me an appointment at the DMV for Tuesday.

So then off I go to Target. I go over to Guest Services to sign up for the Red Card but guess what? I need my "valid driver's license" because they have to be able to swipe it! Seriously?!?! Can my day get any worse? Oh yes, it can. The Tommee Tippee bottles that were on sale that I went there to buy were sold out. At least I got a rain check. I go over to get the items for another advertised deal & 1 of the items is there but the other, which I have a $2 coupon for is not there. No deal for me.

The day got a little better when my Mom gave me some Outback coupons & my in-laws invited us to dinner at Outback. It got even better when I got my margarita but it went south again because the dinner conversation just got me more ticked off.

Thankfully this week has gone a lot smoother. Jon took off work on Tuesday to go with me to the DMV since technically I shouldn't have been driving at all. We were afraid that I might have to take the written test again but it was smooth sailing. We fixed my address, renewed my license, got my disabled plates, paid our tags early, got the tags for our quad, & took a new picture. 

My new plates say 245CK which is pretty cool because 245 in the penal code means assault with a deadly weapon and CK could easily stand for "chick". I think it fits my new Pistol Packin' Mommy persona. Maybe I should get my concealed carry permit (seriously been thinking about it lately with all the craziness going on).

Any time I save money it always makes things better too and I've made 2 very successful money saving trips to Michael's this week. I also made another jewelry supply order which should be here today and I also have an order of pistol cases coming in today that I'm excited to see. Most of the order is already sold but it's always fun to check out the new merchandise, especially the girly stuff. I'll have to make sure I take some pictures before they walk out the door.

Oooh and I almost forgot one of the best things that's coming up. We're going to the range on Sunday!! Yay!!

I hope everyone has had as good of a week as mine has turned out to be.

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