Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Funky Nails Tutorial

So it's been 2 weeks & 1 day since I came up with this idea (Funky Nails) and painted my nails. 

It truly was the best nail design (for me at least). I should have taken a picture before I took the last of the polish off but I was excited to put some new colors on. Even wearing them this long and being as chipped as they were you still couldn't hardly tell how messed up they were unless you were looking at them up close. 

If you want to give this a try this is what I did.

Materials needed:

1 clear coat polish
2 different colors of polish


1. Apply clear base coat
2. Grab your 1st bottle of color & try to wipe a lot of the excess polish off the brush, you do want to keep some on the tip but not too much that it's going to drip off accidentally. Then apply a few random spots on your nail.
3. Grab the 2nd bottle of color & repeat the process in Step 2. Try to fill in on the empty spots. Remember the whole point is to leave lots of gaps. Think "camouflage". 
4. Apply the clear coat to the top. 

Notes & Variation:

If you want it to look less "dot" like & if there are some mounds where the dot had quite a bit of polish you can apply your clear coat right after the 1st color which will make the colored dot kind of run a bit. If you want to make sure that none of your spots "run" at all then make sure that your spots have had several minutes to dry before you apply the top coat. It all depends on what kind of a look you want.

This is a super long lasting design for toe nails as well. My toes weren't chipped at all but I took the polish off so I'll match hehe. I love these colors enough that I think as it chips I'll just add new spots to it until I'm tired of these colors & want to change it again.

Most of all........HAVE FUN!!!

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