Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alice & The Moon

A few weeks ago we were outside in the backyard & I was pushing Keegan & Kaden on their swings

(like this)

and Keegan says, "Higher Mommy, higher! I want to go to the moon!" I respond with "To the moon, Alice! To the moon!" Then he proceeded to tell me a story. At different parts in the story he would stop & I would ask a question & then he would continue. This is the story in full.

Alice was climbing the moon. It was really slippery so she fell down & landed in our backyard. She got hurt but she went & climbed a really high mountain. She fell again & tumbled down the rock & she was really hurt. 
She went to the hospital & the doctors visited her. Then she went home & took a really bubbly bath & she was all better.
What an imagination huh?  I especially like how he said she took a really bubbly bath & then she was all better. Sometimes a nice warm bubbly bath makes me feel better too lol. I think I just need to make the time to take more of them.

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