Friday, August 17, 2012

Successful Busy 2 Weeks

So we just finished participating in our 2nd official vendor event. The first one was somewhat small & unfortunately didn't draw a very big crowd. We had 2 people buy from our table at that event & no one bought any of the earrings that I had stressed the whole week before to make haha.

A friend who makes & sells jewelry told me that part of it is the way you display your stuff & I hadn't really thought about it too much. It definitely makes sense though.

In a previous post I mentioned how that I had seen an earring display rack that I wanted to buy but when I went back to buy it later it was sold out so instead I found this awesome earring display on Amazon, Acrylic Plastic Foldable Earring Screens .

I managed to get everything together the way that I wanted & I did turn all of these

 into finished earrings. 

Then I had to take pictures of all of them the night before. I also wanted to get an idea how I would set them up in my earring display so I hung them all up the night before & even got some pictures.

I think they look so pretty & I really wished that they were MY earring collection haha. Since so far I've only kept 3 pairs for myself so far. 

Our event spanned two days. On Saturday & then on Wednesday. We had a nice spot inside & our table looked pretty well put together. 

We had at least one of all our pepper sprays out on display as well as the stun guns & mini flash lights. I had borrowed my Mom's flash light so I would have one to show how bright those little things really are. We had a lot of questions about the stun guns so we opened one & put the batteries in to show people how they worked. It was actually really funny because every time we set the stun gun off everyone would stop & look & one of the girls at a table next to us would jump every single time. She even had us fire it off while she was watching to see if she could NOT jump. She still jumped.

Saturday was a very long day & ended up closing up a few hours early but a lot of people came through & we sold 5 pairs of earrings (received an order for another) and sold quite a few sprays & flash lights. 

Unfortunately Wednesday was a pretty slow day. We didn't have near the amount of visitors but then again, it was in the middle of the week. We still sold a few sprays so the day wasn't a total waste.

An even more unfortunate thing is that by Monday or Tuesday poor little Kaden started getting sick. He's pretty sick now & after a horrible night with not much sleep Jon & I both woke up & started getting ready for our day Thursday when we both discovered that we had fevers of 101 & higher. The strange thing here is that Keegan is not sick! I'm sure he was the carrier though. 

Still we managed to survive the chaos of these last two weeks. I have completed 3 earring orders & have at least 6 more, might end up being 8 to go. We had a ton of fun at this event but I don't think we'll be doing another one for at least a month or so though we keep getting invites to join others. Now that we're sick we especially need a little recoup time. Plus aside from these orders I have some other ideas I'd really love to try out. 

Oh AND I have promised everyone funny Keegan stories.

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