Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have discovered that doing vendor shows is very distracting. I'll admit that there is a lot around here to get distracted by normally & my house is usually full of chaos. Then you add in something like this & it really seems like it takes weeks to recover & get back to normal (or as close to normal as possible) around here.

I think I've done my normal cleaning of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping once in the last 2-3wks. I honestly can't remember if it was once or twice. I did vacuum the front room on Saturday & then I had to sweep the kitchen Sunday night. Keegan has felt it necessary that I mop his bathroom both last night & the night before (he peed all over). Usually once I get started doing these things I don't stop but I've been in the middle of doing something else every time so that's all that gets done.

I mean I'm still keeping laundry & dishes done but there has been almost no real meal planning. I'm not sure when the last night was that I made dinner before last night which is sad because for the month or so leading up to getting ready for this event I was fixing dinner (often had it done or nearly done by time Jon got home) at least 3-4 nights a week. I'll admit that it often was the same meals (I'm sorry but I just LOVE tacos haha) and of course Jon complains that he's tired of tacos or Mexican food in general but then when I'm not fixing food he decides that tacos are better than him cooking.

So I'm trying to get things back on track but it's not easy. I have earring orders I need to get done & some are things I've never done before so I'm kind of brainstorming on them plus I have other ideas & things I want to do & try & as much as I'm trying not to get distracted by all that too it's still happening.

Today is my first day home all day and by time I sat down to write this a little after 9am I have dropped Keegan off, went to the store, put the groceries away & got the start of dinner going (no it's not tacos), did the dishes & little Kaden is in bed sleeping. When I finish this post I'll be getting my Wordless Wednesday going & then hopefully I'll be working on my orders.

I've been invited to some more vendor events in the next few weeks but so far something just hasn't worked out perfectly enough for us to say yes which seems like a good thing. If I can get things returned to normal & still keep working on my projects then when it's time for the next one maybe it won't be such a majorly disruptive event in our lives. It's really hard to balance things but then again this is all new territory for me so I'll get it figured out. I just need a little time (which I never have enough of!).

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