Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm on Etsy!!

I've been working all week on setting up an etsy shop. In all honesty the whole time hasn't been just for the etsy shop though. I had to take pictures of all the new items that I have been making so that I could get them on our Facebook page too.

In between taking & editing the photos, I worked on setting up all the rest of the stuff on the etsy shop. I finally finished editing all the photos I had taken yesterday. I wish I could say that it was ALL the photos but I had to take even more today.

Since not only are you charged a credit card service fee, etsy commission fee & a listing fee I decided to only list 8 items for now & had to raise my prices by $2 to cover the costs of most of the fees.

I really had no idea that many people had the idea to make jewelry out of shell casings until I started following more gun pages on Facebook & then when I got onto Etsy it was like woah! I was actually kind of depressed at first but I guess you know you must have had a good idea when other people are doing the same/similar thing. Most people seem to be selling their various shell casing jewelry for either slightly more to in some cases A LOT more.

I have some friends who buy a lot of stuff on Etsy & I've seen some of the sales from other shops so I know there's a big market out there. Hopefully it takes off for me there too. I'm still doing vendor events & even though I really want to slow down I keep getting invited to more & more events. I had considered taking October off but then decided to do one small event that a friend is hosting. After getting invited to several more I finally decided to take on another one.

Anyway here's the link to my shop if you want to check it out. If you have an etsy account & you want to throw a little love my way I'd appreciate it if you added me to your favorites, circles or whatever. If you happen to be interested in the stuff there's more on the Facebook page, just like I said I am only listing a few things for now because of the fees.

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