Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WW: Exciting & Creative Week

My very 1st rifle & yes that's purple with muddy girl camo!

1 of the custom flowers I made for someone. Also made these little hair clip holders with my logo

Another one of the custom flowers I made for someone

Here's the other bajillion flowers I made. The ones on the bottom still need their centers but I'm working on it.

Since making these flowers has been so fun & everyone seems to like it I just got a box with 192 more flowers in it tonight haha.

A bigger glimpse into some of my chaos on the table.

Aside from the 10 dangle earrings that I've completed this week & the other 7+ pairs I hope to have done before Saturday I now have POSTS!! These look a little funny because they are sitting in .22 casings for a better look until I get them mounted on cards.

In the middle of all this creative chaos Kaden has decided to stand up at everything.

This was right before he softly landed on his butt & started screaming madly at me about it haha.

The one thing that always makes him happy. FOOD!! And yes, he ate every bit of that haha.

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