Friday, October 19, 2012

Foam Playmat

For Christmas last year I really wanted to make sure that Keegan got a little foam playmat. We have these awesome little chairs. They're like high chairs but just a little chair. You can set them on the floor or strap them to a big chair for the table.

He grew up over at Granny's house sitting in his little chair watching TV & eating his food. We have a really hard time getting him to eat most of the time & unfortunately he tends to eat better when he's actually watching TV. On the weekends we generally have breakfast at the table & we almost always have dinner at the table but during the week breakfast & lunch are often in the little chair.

Granny bought him a mat for Christmas from the store but there was a serious problem with it. It had the alphabet in it, which seemed great, but the letters all came out. It didn't take too long at all before half the letters were missing at various times or the edges just poked up so we were constantly stumbling over it. Not good, especially with my falling history.

I did some looking around online & managed to find this thing on Amazon.

It's AWESOME! Exactly what I needed & it's the perfect size to cover the area around his chair for little mishaps.

His chair is a little askew in this pic but usually it goes right in the center & close to the couch.

Now the new problem started once Kaden started eating finger foods. Our kitten LOVES people food & if he doesn't throw food on the floor for her, she comes over & eats off his tray. I'm always chasing her away & even though she does usually eat the food off the floor she's not quite as efficient as a dog. There's still usually a mess around.

If I didn't get the vacuum out right away days like this when he was eating Cheerios I'd find squished pieces of Cheerios all over the floor because the cat would play with them as well as eat them so they'd get dragged all over.

I've been meaning to buy him a mat for a while & about a month ago I got some more Amazon gift cards from Superpoints & Swagbucks (check out this link if you're interested on how I got the gift cards) so I finally got him his mat. BEST THING EVER!!

When he throws his food on the floor it's no big mess on the carpet. I can pick up the pieces easily & then if the mat is gooey or sticky etc some quick sprays with Clorox Cleanup & some paper towels & it's all clean.

So if you have little ones that have these little chairs or something similar where they eat or have snacks then you should totally consider getting this mat. It will make your life so much easier.

If you don't have the chairs but are interested in them here's a link to it on Amazon. We got ours at Target before both the kids were born. I think they're both space savers but for some reason Keegan's is a bit bigger than Kaden's. We couldn't find the bigger one in the stores this time, just the smaller one.

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