Monday, November 12, 2012

Nobody Seems To Care....

I stopped posting anything maybe close to a month ago now. I even stopped doing Wordless Wednesday posts a few weeks ago. When I check my stats I usually have quite a few views on each new post & even a few on older posts but generally nobody comments on any of the posts. When nobody comments on anything it's hard to tell if anyone seems to really care at all.

I generally started writing on the blog mostly for myself, to get some of the jumbled thoughts out of my head. The fact that it seemed like some people were actually reading it was a bonus.

 Now I really just don't have the time to try & force posts unless it's something I really need to get out & off my mind. I've been getting lots of orders for jewelry & stuff plus the fact that I've been doing all these vendor events. This coming Saturday is my last event for the month but then I have 2 the first 2 weeks of December. All 3 of these events are rather large so I want/need to make sure I have plenty of stock for both. I have nearly been selling out on some of the different items I have so I'm trying to get busy.

If you are reading this & haven't seen any of my stuff before & are curious you can see most of the stuff I do on our business facebook page Jon's Guns 

I opened an Etsy shop a while back & listed a few items to see what might happen there & if anyone wanted to buy anything until we got our web store up & running. Our web store is mostly functional, we're just waiting to get our postal scale so we can do accurate shipping costs. Until then if you want to check out the Etsy shop you'll find it here

I'm not sure when I'll make another post but December 8th is my last show for the year & so far I'm not really wanting to book myself for anything next year yet. I'd like to only do 1 show a month maybe or stick to mostly gun shows next year. But we'll just have to see what happens.

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