Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Catch Up!

I've been in a mood to write lately just haven't made the time yet. Part of the problem has been the fact that it's now been a little over a year since I wrote anything! So there's lots of catching up to do...ugh.

So lets see if I can somehow manage to summarize quickly.

The jewelry business has been booming for most of the year. It seems that I just kept getting busier & busier so the decision to focus more on big/gun shows this year was a good call. We redesigned my entire display between shows from April to May & I'm really loving the way it all looks now.

 This was our 1st show with the new design. I've condensed a little down to two boards because I've added more things. 

Things have been going good. The boys have been getting bigger. About mid July Keegan stopped going to preschool which was good & bad. He drives me crazy half the time but Kaden was really starting to miss him & now they have lots of fun playing (and fighting) together. 

In April I started something that has definitely changed my life for the better haha. I started taking a pill called A.C.E. which stands for Appetite Control & Energy. An online business friend of mine started taking it around December or January & had lost a ton of weight. Since losing my 45lbs after Kaden was born I had been gradually gaining back & had gained back 15lbs so I had to at least stop that! 

Oh my goodness it was so amazing! I had so much energy & felt better than I had in years!! I was functioning perfectly well on about 5hrs of sleep because I was up late almost every night working on orders, plus there were no more naps for me because I was working as much as possible while the kids were napping. I was cleaning house every week doing the whole thing, floors & all AND I was dancing while doing it!! Half the rest of the time I was dancing to the Wii at some point during the day as well!

Things were going so great & I had so many friends asking me about it that I decided to sign up to sell it in July. Well...it just so happens that a month later I found out that I also got pregnant in July! LOL I may not have really noticed the scale move but apparently I was doing something right. If you've read past posts you know that I have fertility issues. It took 3yrs to get pregnant with Keegan & I had lost 20lbs right before it finally happened. I went on fertility drugs & went GF at the same time in 2010, lost 20lbs & got pregnant with Kaden. This time no fertility drugs needed lol!

I was actually pretty upset for the first few weeks because we were not planning on this at all. We were leaning more & more towards not trying for a 3rd. What with my heart history & there being no guarantee that I wouldn't have problems the 3rd time around we were thinking it might not be the best idea. With my jewelry business as busy as it was & already two kids to deal with if I ended up with heart problems like last time there's no way that I could handle it. Plus I had been feeling so great on ACE & doing so much & right about the time I found out I was pregnant I started "feeling" pregnant. I not only had to stop taking ACE so lost that extra energy but the 1st trimester exhaustion hit me. I wasn't too thrilled. 

BUT as I always say & my past has shown, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! I am 20 weeks today & exactly 4 weeks ago we were told that we're finally having a girl! With Keegan & Kaden their gender was just about the first thing that they could see at 16 weeks but not this one. I flipped from side to side about 10 times before the lady finally got a look & said it looks like a girl. She checked a few more locations & said she was sure it's a girl. 

Since it was so hard to find out though & I just knew for sure I'd end up with another boy I wasn't jumping into the idea of a girl just yet. I decided to wait until my next ultrasound at my doctor's office before I got too excited. Even though everything this pregnancy had been different. From morning sickness, to no appetite, not being able to eat most of the things I usually did or did when I was pregnant with the boys to finally becoming the pregnant pickle lady lol. Last Wednesday was the ultrasound though & we got the confirmation that it's a girl!!

This brings up a whole other set of problems though but we'll save that for another post because I'm sure this is too long as it is!

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